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5 Reasons Bartenders Make Great Real Estate Agents

5 Reasons Bartenders Make Great Real Estate Agents

While bartending and real estate may seem like completely different career paths, we’ve found that people who have a bartending background tend to make great real estate agents.

Both professions place a huge emphasis on the “customer experience”, require you to be able to work in a fast-paced environment, and have similar working schedules.

However, real estate offers people with bartending experience an even better experience, as they can earn much more money in commission than they would in tips, and agents can also determine their own schedule.

Reason #1: Good Bartenders Value The Customer Experience

We’ve found that bartenders make great real estate agents because they are very experienced in delivering exceptional customer service. Bartending teaches people how to handle difficult customers and work with a wide variety of personalities, which is a key skill for agents who work with a diverse set of clientele.

One of the best skills bartenders learn is how to build relationships with customers. Through bartending, they learn how to be personable and approachable, which are both essential when working in real estate. When agents have strong relationships with their clients, it makes the home buying or selling process much smoother.

If you are skilled in delivering an exceptional customer experience, why not earn more money and become a real estate agent?

In addition, bartenders have the opportunity to network with many different people on a daily basis, which can come in handy when looking for new clients as an agent. Overall, it’s evident that bartending provides individuals with many of the same skills real estate agents must have.

Reason #2: Good Bartenders Thrive In An High Energy Environment

Bartenders have experience working in a fast-paced environment, and are used to being on their feet for long periods of time.  This type of environment is perfect for the real estate industry, as agents are constantly on the go meeting with clients and touring properties.

Bartenders are also used to working long hours, including nights or weekends, often with a high volume of customers. This means bartenders have a high tolerance for stressful environments, which is an important quality in real estate agents. There can be times when showing a property will go late into the night with multiple showings back-to-back and having a bartending background can prepare you for this.

If you thrive in high energy environments, why not earn more money and become a real estate agent?

Reason #3: Good Bartenders Have Strong Sales Skills

Bartenders are experts in sales, as they must convince customers to buy drinks. This skill translates perfectly into the real estate industry, where agents must sell homes to potential buyers.

Bartending also requires individuals to learn about different drinks quickly so they can keep up with the many types of deals and transactions a real estate agent must learn to be successful.

If you have strong sales skills, why not earn more money and become a real estate agent?

Reason #4: Good Bartenders Make Their Own Schedule

Bartending and real estate are also similar because they typically require people to work weekends. However, real estate is a much more independent career path, allowing agents to determine if and when they want to work on the weekends, rather than being required to show up to an 8 hour shift as bartenders do.

If you are interested in having more freedom in your work schedule, why not earn more money and become a real estate agent?

Reason #5: Tips Vs. Commission – What’s The Difference?

The earning structure of bartending and real estate is very similar because bartenders are paid entirely through tips. This is because bartending often requires people to work in places where there are no required minimum hourly wages, so bartenders must rely on customers paying them for their time and service. Real estate agents also don’t receive a set salary; they instead make money by closing deals and earning a commission.

However, the commission structure of a real estate agent allows for a much larger earning potential than what bartenders earn solely from tips.

If you are interested in earning more money in a commission-based profession, why not become a real estate agent?

Should I Become A Real Estate Agent?

Bartenders make great real estate agents because they have to be able to provide great customer service, are good at working under pressure, and can manage their time well. These skills are essential for both professions!

If you already have these skills, why not take our 2 minute quiz and find out if you’d be a good real estate agent?

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