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Best Real Estate Schools In Plattsburgh, NY

Written by Gabriel Castillo
Reviewed by Eddy Boccara
April 8, 2024
April 8, 2024
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When it comes to pursuing a career in real estate, it’s essential to receive the proper education and training.

One of the most convenient ways to achieve this is through online real estate schools.

Plattsburgh, NY, offers a variety of options for aspiring real estate professionals, each with its own advantages and features.

What Is An Online Real Estate School?

Before diving into the top-rated online real estate schools in Plattsburgh, NY, it’s important to understand what exactly an online real estate school is.

These schools offer flexibility and convenience, allowing students to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes.

With online real estate schools, aspiring professionals can access course materials, lectures, and exams through an online platform.

One of the key benefits of enrolling in an online real estate school is the ability to study from anywhere with an internet connection.

This flexibility is particularly advantageous for individuals who are working full-time jobs or have other commitments that make attending traditional in-person classes challenging.

Additionally, online real estate schools often provide a range of multimedia resources such as video lectures, interactive quizzes, and virtual simulations to enhance the learning experience.

Furthermore, online real estate schools typically offer a variety of specialized courses tailored to different aspects of the real estate industry, such as property management, real estate law, and appraisal.

Students can choose the specific courses that align with their career goals and interests, allowing for a more customized educational experience.

In addition, many online real estate schools provide access to experienced instructors who are experts in the field and can offer valuable insights and guidance to students throughout their studies.

Choosing The Right Online Real Estate School In Plattsburgh, NY

Choosing the right online real estate school is crucial to ensure you receive the best education possible.

There are several factors to consider when making this decision.

One important aspect to consider when selecting an online real estate school in Plattsburgh, NY, is the flexibility of the course schedule.

Many students pursuing a real estate license may have other commitments such as full-time jobs or family responsibilities.

Therefore, finding a school that offers flexible online classes or self-paced learning options can be beneficial in balancing your education with other obligations.

Requirements for a Real Estate License In New York

Before enrolling in an online real estate school, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the requirements for obtaining a real estate license in New York.

Understanding these requirements will help you choose a school that offers the necessary courses and materials to satisfy the state’s licensing criteria.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the real estate licensing requirements in New York may include completing a certain number of educational hours, passing a licensing exam, and undergoing a background check.

Ensuring that the online real estate school you choose covers all these aspects comprehensively can save you time and effort in meeting the state’s criteria.

School Accreditation and Reviews

When researching online real estate schools in Plattsburgh, NY, it’s important to consider the accreditation and reviews of each institution.

Accredited schools often provide high-quality education and are recognized by the industry.

Reading reviews from past and current students can also give you valuable insights into the school’s reputation and the learning experience it offers.

Furthermore, accreditation from reputable organizations such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) can indicate that the online real estate school meets certain quality standards.

This can give you confidence in the education you will receive and the value of the credential upon completion.

Cost and Budget Considerations

Cost is another crucial factor to consider when choosing an online real estate school.

Tuition fees can vary significantly between schools, so it’s essential to find one that fits within your budget.

Additionally, consider any additional costs, such as textbooks or exam fees, that may be associated with the school.

Some online real estate schools in Plattsburgh, NY, may offer financial aid options or scholarships to help offset the cost of education.

Exploring these opportunities can make pursuing a real estate license more affordable and accessible, especially for those with financial constraints.

Top-Rated Online Real Estate Schools In Plattsburgh, NY

Now that we understand the factors to consider when choosing an online real estate school, let’s explore the top-rated options in Plattsburgh, NY.

Plattsburgh, NY, located in the northeastern part of the state, is a vibrant city known for its picturesque landscapes and thriving real estate market.

Aspiring real estate professionals in this region have access to a variety of online schools that offer comprehensive training programs to help them kickstart their careers.

One of the top-rated online real estate schools in Plattsburgh, NY, is known for its interactive virtual classrooms and experienced instructors who bring real-world expertise to the table.

Students can expect to delve into topics such as property law, real estate finance, and market analysis, gaining valuable insights that will set them apart in the competitive industry.

1. Corofy Real Estate School


Comprehensive real estate curriculum online.

Interactive and user-friendly learning platform.

Exam prep and continuing education support.

Our Expert Opinion on Corofy Real Estate School

Corofy Real Estate School distinguishes itself with a robust curriculum tailored for real-world success in real estate. Their engaging online platform ensures effective learning and retention, while post-certification support with exam resources and continuing education underlines their commitment to long-term student achievement. This makes Corofy a wise choice for serious real estate professionals.

Corofy Real Estate School is a highly regarded online institution that offers a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring real estate professionals.

Here are some of the pros of choosing Corofy:


  • Acclaimed courses with in-depth coverage of real estate topics
  • Experienced instructors with industry expertise
  • Flexible learning options and self-paced courses
  • Engaging learning materials, including videos and interactive exercises

Corofy Real Estate School prides itself on providing a dynamic learning environment that caters to students’ diverse needs.

The institution’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its carefully curated curriculum, designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive real estate industry.

Furthermore, Corofy’s online platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing students to access course materials, participate in discussions, and interact with instructors seamlessly.

The school’s emphasis on interactive learning ensures that students are actively engaged in their education, fostering a deeper understanding of complex real estate concepts.

Prelicensing and Exam Preparation

Corofy Real Estate School offers prelicensing courses that cover all the necessary topics required to pass the New York real estate licensing exam.

Their exam preparation materials and practice tests help students feel confident and well-prepared.

Continuing Education for Real Estate Salespersons

Beyond prelicensing courses, Corofy also offers continuing education for real estate salespersons.

These courses focus on advanced topics to help professionals stay up to date with industry trends and regulations.

2. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

Offers a variety of courses for all stages of real estate careers.

Interactive courses with engaging content for an enjoyable learning experience.

Flexible online courses accessible anytime, catering to busy schedules.


Course material may be less comprehensive than other real estate schools.

Level of comprehensiveness may vary across different courses.

May lack the in-depth rigor that some students seek in real estate education.

Expert Opinion on The CE Shop:

The CE Shop positions itself as a flexible and user-friendly option in the realm of online real estate education, seemingly perfect for the hustle of modern professional life. However, this veneer of convenience might just be a facade masking the thinner, less rigorous substance of its curriculum when placed side by side with its competitors. The variety and appeal of continuous learning options is attractive, but one must ponder if the breadth of their offerings sacrifices the depth required for truly impactful knowledge in the real estate market. Customer support serves as a commendable safety net, yet it's an open question whether students are being caught too often due to gaps in course material. Although convenient, The CE Shop seems to cater to those who prefer a quick dip into education rather than a deep dive. Therefore, for serious professionals aiming to drill into the bedrock of real estate expertise, The CE Shop might not be the drill bit of choice.

Another reputable online real estate school in Plattsburgh, NY, is The CE Shop. Consider these pros and cons when evaluating this option:

The CE Shop is known for its user-friendly online platform that makes navigating through courses a breeze.

Students appreciate the intuitive design and easy access to all course materials.

The interactive courses offered by The CE Shop are engaging and effective, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and quizzes to enhance the learning experience.

This dynamic approach keeps students actively involved and helps them retain information more effectively.


  • User-friendly online platform
  • Interactive courses with multimedia elements
  • Excellent customer support



Flexible online courses for varied schedules.

Experienced industry professional instructors.

Diverse course selection covering residential and commercial real estate.


Pace of courses may be too intense for some students.

Intensity and commitment required could be overwhelming.

Support mechanisms may be indicative of the challenging nature of the material.

Expert Opinion on NYREI:

NYREI touts a broad array of courses and flexibility as its main selling points, aimed at everyone from bustling professionals to homemakers diving into real estate. Yet, one must ponder if this flexibility serves as a lifeline for students wading through what can be an excessively rigorous curriculum. The allure of experienced instructors is undeniable, yet expertise alone cannot soften the steep learning curve that some may find insurmountable. While the diversity of course selection is commendable, it risks being a jack of all trades, yet master of none, potentially leaving students with a surface-level understanding that lacks the depth necessary for true mastery in the nuances of real estate. While NYREI’s supplemental support and resources are boasted as a strength, they could also be seen as a band-aid solution to the pedagogical rigor that could use a gentler touch. In essence, for those seeking to dip more than just their toes into the real estate waters without fear of the educational undertow, NYREI might require a bolder caveat emptor.

NYREI, or New York Real Estate Institute, is a well-known institution in the real estate industry, renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch education and training.

Located in Plattsburgh, NY, NYREI offers a variety of online courses tailored to meet the needs of aspiring real estate professionals.

One of the key advantages of choosing NYREI is the wide range of course options available to students.

Whether you are looking to obtain your real estate license or advance your career with specialized training, NYREI has a program to suit your needs.

The institution prides itself on offering a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive real estate market.


  • Wide range of course options
  • Experienced instructors with practical insights
  • Flexible scheduling options

Another compelling reason to consider NYREI is the caliber of its instructors.

The faculty members at NYREI are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the real estate field.

They bring a wealth of practical insights and real-world knowledge to the classroom, enriching the learning experience for students and providing valuable mentorship and guidance.

4. Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent

Personalized learning paths that cater to individual student needs.

Highly interactive curriculum with multimedia elements.

Comprehensive coverage of essential real estate topics.


May be more expensive than other online real estate education options.

The cost could be a barrier for some prospective students.

While interactive, the price may overshadow the perceived value for some learners.

Expert Opinion on Aceable Agent:

Aceable Agent offers a dive into the real estate educational waters with the buoyancy aids of interactivity and personalized course trajectories. Their curriculum is dressed to the nines with multimedia engagement tools aimed at anchoring knowledge in the minds of students. Yet, one must carefully navigate the waters of investment here; their high-value proposition carries a price tag that could sink the budgets of the financially prudent. In an industry where the returns on education must be as tangible as bricks and mortar, the potential students of Aceable Agent must assess if the dynamic learning experience justifies its premium over more economically priced peers. While the allure of engaging videos and simulations can capture the imagination, whether they seal the deal in the pragmatic world of real estate practice is a matter for individual deliberation. The scales of cost-benefit analysis may tip in favor of Aceable Agent for those who value digital razzle-dazzle, but for the cost-conscious, it may be a case of looking before leaping into this particular educational stream.

Aceable Agent is an online real estate school that has been making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to education.

Founded on the principles of accessibility and effectiveness, Aceable Agent offers a dynamic learning experience that caters to the needs of modern learners.

One of the standout features of Aceable Agent is its commitment to providing engaging and interactive learning materials.

Gone are the days of monotonous lectures and endless reading – Aceable Agent leverages multimedia elements, simulations, and real-world scenarios to bring the content to life.

This not only enhances comprehension but also makes the learning process enjoyable and memorable.


  • Engaging and interactive learning materials
  • A mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go learning
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Limited course offerings compared to traditional real estate schools
  • This relatively new player in the industry, may raise concerns about the credibility

Benefits Of Attending An Online Real Estate School In Plattsburgh, NY

Attending an online real estate school in Plattsburgh, NY, offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • The convenience of studying from anywhere
  • Cost savings compared to traditional in-person classes
  • Access to comprehensive course materials and resources

One of the key advantages of attending an online real estate school in Plattsburgh, NY, is the flexibility it offers to students.

With online courses, individuals can study at their own pace, allowing them to balance their real estate education with other commitments such as work or family responsibilities.

This flexibility is especially beneficial for those looking to make a career change or enhance their skills while maintaining their current job.

Furthermore, studying real estate online provides students with the convenience of learning from anywhere.

Whether you are at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your course materials and participate in virtual classes.

This level of convenience eliminates the need for commuting to a physical campus, saving both time and money for students in Plattsburgh, NY, and beyond.


When choosing the best real estate school in Plattsburgh, NY, it’s crucial to consider your individual needs, budget, and the reputation of each institution.

Corofy Real Estate School, The CE Shop, NYREI, and Aceable Agent are all top-rated options worth exploring.

No matter which online real estate school you choose, the knowledge and skills gained will prepare you for success in your real estate career.

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