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Corofy’s Official Accreditations

At Corofy Real Estate School, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards of real estate education. Our commitment to excellence is recognized through our official approvals from ARELLO and the Department of State. These big thumbs-ups are like gold stars saying we're one of the best places to learn about becoming a real estate pro.

What's ARELLO?

What is ARELLO? The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) is a respected organization that ensures real estate schools maintain the highest educational standards. It means we’re teaching everything you need to know to be great in real estate.

Why You Should Care: This gold star from ARELLO means our classes are really good and you’re learning all the latest real estate tricks.

Corofy is certified by ARELLO for providing top-quality real estate education.
Corofy Real Estate School APPROVED BY DOS
Corofy is fully approved by the New York Department of State (NYSDOS) as a Real Estate Education Provider.

Department of State Says We're Cool Too

State’s Approval: The Department of State also says we’re doing great. This is important because it means what you learn from us is exactly what you need to know to work in real estate in our state.

Good for You Because: Learning from a school that the Department of State likes means you’re on the right path to ace your real estate exams and become a pro.

Why Pick a School with Gold Stars?

Trust in Us: Picking Corofy means you’re choosing a school that’s proven to be awesome. Our gold stars from ARELLO and the Department of State mean you’re getting the best education.

Your First Step to Being a Pro: We’re all about helping you succeed in real estate. With our top-notch courses, you’re starting off on the right foot.

All You Need to Know

Courses designed by industry professionals.

10,000+ Graduates Licensed and Employed

98% Pass Rate on the State Exam, you will be confident and prepared for anything.

Available for any devices, learn whenever you want.

Job Placement Assistance.

Our approved courses
New York Online 77-hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Beginner Level

5.0 (500+)

This Course Include:
New York Real Estate 22.5 Hour Continuing Education Course

Beginner Level

5.0 (500+)

This Course Include: