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Aceable Real Estate Review

Written by Gabriel Castillo
Reviewed by Eddy Boccara
March 11, 2024
March 11, 2024
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Choosing the right real estate education can be a critical step in your career. With the advent of digital learning platforms, studying for your real estate license has become more accessible than ever. Aceable Real Estate School offers a combination of convenience and comprehensive coursework that meets the educational requirements in New York. Whether you are considering a new career path or looking to expand your professional knowledge, understanding what Aceable brings to the table can help you make an informed decision.

A modern office with a sleek desk, computer, and real estate documents scattered about. A sign with the company logo hangs on the wall

Aceable Real Estate stands out in the digital space for its innovative app that complements a busy lifestyle, allowing you to complete your studies on the go. The real estate courses are designed to be user-friendly and engaging, with a focus on helping you retain and understand the material effectively. If you’re seeking an educational program that provides both online convenience and thorough preparation for your real estate exam, Aceable may be a school to consider. Customer service and support are also a part of the package, aiming to make your learning experience as smooth as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Aceable Real Estate offers convenient, mobile-friendly courses tailored to New York’s real estate licensing requirements.
  • The school provides customer support for a seamless learning experience and comprehensive education in real estate.
  • With its competitive pricing and variety of course options, Aceable makes learning real estate accessible and efficient.

Overview of Aceable Real Estate

A modern office space with a sleek design, large windows, and a bustling atmosphere. A logo of Aceable Real Estate is prominently displayed on the wall

Aceable Real Estate offers accredited and certified online learning options for your real estate education in New York. Their comprehensive courses are tailored to meet state requirements and are designed for a streamlined and focused experience.

Is Aceable Real Estate Accredited by NYSDOS?

Aceable Real Estate provides you with courses that are fully accredited by the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). This acknowledgment ensures that your completed courses will be recognized and valued as you pursue your real estate license in New York.

Is Aceable Real Estate Certified by ARELLO?

Furthermore, Aceable Real Estate holds certification from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), affirming the high standard and credibility of the courses offered. This certification signifies that the school has met the rigorous educational and operational criteria set by a leading real estate regulatory body.

Aceable Real Estate Pros / Cons

When exploring options for real estate education, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and limitations of each program before making a decision. Here, we’ll take a look at Aceable Real Estate, a fully online education platform.


  • Engaging Content: One of the standout features of Aceable is the engaging nature of its course offerings. The content is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, which could help you retain information more effectively.
  • Convenience: As a fully online school, Aceable provides the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere, which is ideal if you have a busy schedule.
  • Educational Quality: The school prides itself on delivering high-quality educational content that is up to date with the latest industry standards.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Aceable offers a user-friendly mobile app, making it simple to access materials on the go, fitting learning into your lifestyle with ease.
  • High Ratings: The platform has received positive feedback, such as a 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store, signaling a strong reputation among past students.


  • Limited In-Person Interaction: As the courses are online, you won’t have face-to-face interaction with instructors or peers, which could be a disadvantage if you prefer a traditional classroom environment.
  • Self-Discipline Required: You need to be self-motivated to keep up with the coursework since there isn’t a set class schedule to hold you accountable.

By considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision about whether this innovative approach to real estate education aligns with your personal learning style and professional goals.

Real Estate Programs and Courses Offered

When selecting an online real estate education, comprehensiveness and state approval are crucial. Corofy offers an extensive curriculum designed to meet your needs from pre-licensing to continuing education, ensuring you have the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive real estate market of New York.

Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses

Corofy provides approved pre-licensing courses that are essential for you to qualify for the New York real estate salesperson exam. The Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course equips you with all the fundamental knowledge of real estate principles, laws, and practice embedded in interactive lessons that foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

  • Topic Coverage: Includes real estate law, property management, financing, contracts, and more.
  • Format: The courses are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, delivered entirely online for your convenience.

Exam Preparation and Resources

To aid in your exam readiness, Corofy offers specialized resources tailored to the New York state exam. Exam Prep Tools help reinforce your learning with practice tests that simulate the actual exam environment, boosting your confidence and improving your test-taking skills.

  • Practice Tests: Ample questions for practice give you a robust preparation experience.
  • Study Aids: Access to detailed answer explanations and essential tips.

Continuing Education

Maintain and enhance your real estate license with Corofy’s Continuing Education (CE) courses. Stay updated with the latest industry trends, legal considerations, and best practices, which are not just requirements, but also enrich your professional aptitude.

  • Course Variety: A wide range of topics that fulfill CE requirements while broadening your expertise.
  • Flexibility: Courses are crafted to fit into your busy schedule, available 24/7 online.

Online and In-Person Learning Formats

Choosing the right format for your real estate education can greatly influence your learning experience and success. In New York, you have the opportunity to engage with course materials through innovative platforms that offer flexibility and interactive learning.

Mobile Application

Corofy, a fully online real estate school, leads the way in real estate learning through its state-of-the-art mobile app. The app is designed to facilitate online real estate schooling with a course format that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. With the mobile-first approach, you can access comprehensive courses directly from your smartphone, allowing for a more flexible, self-paced learning environment.

The Corofy mobile application is not just a companion to the online platform; it is a powerful tool that allows you to complete your classes anytime and anywhere, transforming your device into a virtual classroom. As a learner in New York, this means you can dive into your studies on-the-go, whether you’re commuting or finding a quiet moment during your busy day.

Moreover, Corofy’s dedication to technology and student engagement in learning uses the mobile app to enhance the user experience, making it simpler and more enjoyable to study for your real estate license.

Aceable Real Estate Cost & Course Options

Aceable Real Estate offers you a range of course packages tailored to fit different learning styles and budgets. These comprehensive options enable you to choose the level of support and resources that suit your educational needs.

Basic Package:

  • Price: Around $125
  • This package provides the essential coursework you need to prepare for your New York real estate license exam. It includes interactive content and practice tests to reinforce your learning.

Deluxe Package:

  • For those seeking additional support, the Deluxe option includes everything in the Basic package, plus extra exam prep tools aimed at enhancing your understanding of the material.

Premium Package:

  • For a complete educational experience, the Premium package offers extended features such as live webinars with industry experts, providing a more in-depth understanding of real estate topics.

Aceable Real Estate’s structured courses are delivered entirely online, giving you the convenience to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. Their cutting-edge mobile app allows for uninterrupted learning, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Each course is designed to equip you with the knowledge required to excel in the New York real estate market. With Aceable’s innovative approach to real estate education, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re laying the foundation for a successful career in real estate.

Does Aceable Real Estate Offer Customer Service?

Aceable Real Estate ensures that you, the learner, have continuous support throughout your journey. As a fully online real estate school, Aceable Real Estate provides comprehensive customer service to facilitate your success in the real estate industry in New York.

  • Availability: Their customer service team is eager to assist you and is accessible via various channels.
  • Contact Methods: You’re able to reach out via:
    • Phone: For immediate assistance during business hours
    • Email: If you prefer to detail your inquiries or need assistance after hours
    • Online Chat: For quick questions while you’re engaged in the course materials

Aceable’s commitment to support is reflected in the ease of access to customer service resources. Considering the fast-paced nature of the New York real estate industry, having reliable support is crucial. Aceable Real Estate stands out by making sure that you can get help when you need it, regardless of where you are in the course material.

Remember, Aceable Real Estate is a leader in real estate education. Their digital platform is designed to make learning efficient and user-friendly. With customer service as a priority, you are set up for success in achieving your real estate goals.

Can You Get A Refund On Aceable Real Estate?

If you’re looking to invest in your real estate education through an online platform, you may consider the money-back guarantee and whether refunds are obtainable in case things don’t go as planned. At Aceable Real Estate School, understanding the refund policy is straightforward and designed with your peace of mind in mind.

Aceable Real Estate School offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their courses. During this time frame, if you decide that the course isn’t right for you, you can request a refund, provided you have not completed the course. This policy gives you the flexibility and assurance that your investment is protected.

To initiate a refund, simply reach out to Aceable’s Student Concierges. Ensure your request falls within the specified 30 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for a refund. Keep in mind, the policy applies strictly to their New York online real estate courses.

Here’s a quick guide to the refund process at Aceable Real Estate School:

  • Contact: Reach out to the Student Concierge team.
  • Time Frame: Within 30 days of purchase.
  • Condition: You must not have completed the course.
  • Process: The team will guide you through the steps to receive your refund.

Is Aceable Real Estate School Legit?

When considering Aceable as your educational provider for real estate schooling, you’ll find that this institution is regarded as a credible source of learning. The question of the school’s legitimacy is quite clear given that Aceable’s courses are state-approved and accredited in New York.

Credibility and Trust
As you’re assessing the trustworthiness of a real estate school, Aceable stands out as a trustworthy option. Customer feedback highlights the school’s well-constructed educational path for future real estate professionals. Reviews reflect a positive training experience, reinforcing the school’s integrity.

State-Approval and Accreditation
Your assurance in the legality and recognition of Aceable is bolstered by its accreditation by the real estate body in New York. This acknowledges that the school adheres to the educational standards set by state regulatory authorities.

Features of the School
Aceable doesn’t just meet baseline legitimacy requirements. As a fully online platform, it leads in providing a convenient, accessible, and complete educational experience for real estate licensing. The innovative approach to real estate learning is designed to fit your pace, enhancing your understanding and retention of the coursework.

In your quest to become a knowledgeable real estate professional in New York, it’s imperative you choose a school that not only meets all regulatory requirements but also offers a superior learning experience. Aceable, with its state-approved certification and solid reputation for quality, emerges as a leading choice.

Aceable Real Estate vs Corofy Real Estate School

When comparing Aceable Real Estate with Corofy Real Estate School, you’ll find that each offers unique features suitable for aspiring real estate professionals in New York.

Aceable Real Estate

  • Offers a mobile-friendly platform, which is superb for on-the-go learning.
  • Interactive content that engages you through the licensing process.
  • Includes review quizzes that help reinforce your knowledge.

On the other hand, Corofy Real Estate School prides itself on being at the forefront of real estate education, focusing on building a long-lasting career in the New York real estate market.

Corofy Real Estate School

  • Provides a 77-hour pre-licensing course that is fully online, giving you the flexibility to learn at your pace.
  • Delivers 24/7 support and instruction from skilled real estate professionals.
  • Offers job placement assistance, setting you up for success after completing the course.

For those who value comprehensive support through their learning journey, Corofy’s approach to real estate education might weigh in their favor. The blend of professional guidance and career resources is tailored to facilitate not just learning, but also career advancement in real estate.

Aceable may appeal to you if you prefer mobile learning and interactive course material. It’s designed to cater to the flexible needs of learners who prioritize a user-friendly and accessible educational experience.

Each of these schools offers a competitive edge depending on your individual learning style and career goals within the New York real estate sector.

What Our Team Does NOT Like About Aceable Real Estate

When you’re considering the landscape of online real estate education, particularly in New York, Aceable Real Estate is a well-known platform. Yet, despite its popularity, our team has pinpointed a few limitations and concerns that you may want to consider:

  • Course Variety: Aceable Real Estate excels in foundational real estate courses, but if you’re looking for a broad array of specialized or advanced topics, your options may be limited.
  • Continuing Education: Once you’re licensed, the need for further education arises. Unfortunately, Aceable may not meet all your needs for ongoing professional development.

Technical Issues: Any platform can have its hiccups, but be aware that technical glitches can sometimes hinder your learning progress.

Customer Support: While customer assistance is available, you might experience slower response times during peak hours, which can delay your study plan.

Interactive Features: Some learners thrive with interactive learning tools. If that’s you, consider that Aceable’s course format might be more static than you’d like.

Here’s a brief outline of what our team feels could improve:

  • Availability of advanced courses for seasoned professionals
  • Expansion of continuing education options to cater for career growth
  • Enhancing the platform’s stability to minimize disruptions
  • Speeding up customer service response times for smoother user experience
  • Increasing interactive content to enrich the learning experience

Please note: While these are notable points, they are specific to an individual’s experience and preferences – your experience may vary. Considering Aceable Real Estate’s standing as a leader in real estate learning, the issues mentioned may not significantly detract from the overall quality of education you receive, but they’re worth keeping in mind as you make your choice.

Verdict: Is Aceable Real Estate Worth It?

When considering the value of Aceable Real Estate as a platform for obtaining your real estate education, a few factors stand out. Its comprehensive coverage of essential knowledge and dedication to an engaging learning experience make it a commendable choice for your studies.

Corofy, as a fully online real estate school, sets itself apart with its modern approach to learning. You benefit from a curriculum that integrates seamlessly with your digital lifestyle. The convenience of accessing your course material from anywhere with internet connectivity cannot be overstated.

Notable Features:

  • Mobile Accessibility: Complete courses with the same ease as listening to a podcast.
  • Guarantees: The “Ace the Exam Guarantee” underscores confidence in their course effectiveness.

Given that Corofy is renowned for leading the way in online real estate education, the question of whether Aceable Real Estate is worth it is met with a confident affirmative. The investment in your education through this platform is supported by its strong track record and the assurance of its exam pass guarantee.


  • If you’re seeking a reliable and contemporary learning experience, consider Aceable Real Estate as your guide to a successful real estate career in New York.

Why Do Students Consider Corofy as the Best Online Real Estate School?

When you’re exploring options for an online real estate school in New York, Corofy often emerges as a top choice. Students rate it highly for several compelling reasons that make it stand out in the field of real estate education.

Personalized Learning Experience: Corofy’s approach tailors to your individual learning pace, ensuring that you grasp concepts thoroughly before moving on.

  • Cutting-Edge Course Material: Expect up-to-date and comprehensive course content that prepares you for the competitive New York real estate market.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The interface is intuitive and accessible, so you can focus on learning rather than navigating the system.

High Success Rates: Corofy boasts an impressive track record of students successfully passing their licensure examinations on their first attempt.

  • Strong Support System: Real-time support is available to guide you through any challenges you face during your studies.
  • Flexibility: Study from anywhere at any time, fitting your education seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Corofy, as a fully online institution, leverages technology to enhance your learning experience, making it a preferred destination for aspiring real estate professionals in New York. With its student-focused approach, it is clear why Corofy is recognized as one of the best online real estate schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

In determining the quality and effectiveness of Aceable Real Estate’s courses, prospective students often turn to various online platforms for feedback. Here are some focused responses to common inquiries regarding their real estate education offerings.

What are users saying about Aceable Real Estate on Reddit?

Users on Reddit highlight the convenience of being able to study on-the-go with Aceable Real Estate’s mobile app, often mentioning how user-friendly and accessible the course material is.

How do Aceable Real Estate’s BBB ratings reflect on their service quality?

Aceable Real Estate’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are indicators of customer satisfaction and business reliability. High ratings on BBB for Aceable Real Estate typically suggest positive service quality and consumer trust.

Are there any insights from Google reviews about AceableAgent?

Insights from Google reviews about AceableAgent often discuss the effectiveness of the study materials, with many users appreciating the comprehensive nature of the coursework available.

What is the general sentiment in Florida towards Aceable Real Estate courses?

The sentiment in Florida does not apply as all information provided pertains exclusively to New York.

Can Aceable Real Estate’s coursework be completed within a set time frame in Texas?

Coursework time frames and completion details are specific to states, and this section focuses on the state of New York.

What is the accreditation status of Aceable Real Estate, and is it acknowledged by the DRE?

Aceable Real Estate is accredited, and its real estate courses meet the requirements set forth by regulatory entities, ensuring recognition by the Department of Real Estate (DRE). However, this affirmation is specific to New York’s respective real estate regulatory body’s acknowledgment of Aceable Real Estate’s offerings.

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