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Real Estate U vs Aceable Agent – Which is Better?

Real Estate U vs Aceable Agent - 18 Course Features Compared
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Picking the correct online real estate education platform is vital for your triumph in New York’s real estate market. Real Estate U and Aceable Agent are two notable online institutions that serve prospective real estate agents within the state. Both provide distinct courses and resources created to aid students in passing their licensure examinations and kick-off their careers in New York’s fiercely competitive real estate atmosphere.

A crowded New York City street with skyscrapers in the background, a real estate sign for “New York Real Estate U” and “Aceable Agent” competing for attention.

A crowded New York City street with skyscrapers in the background, a real estate sign for "New York Real Estate U" and "Aceable Agent" competing for attention

Comparing Real Estate U to Aceable Agent involves looking at various aspects of their educational offerings. While Real Estate U provides an extensive course focused on New York real estate principles, Aceable Agent offers a user-friendly platform with a variety of interactive media. It’s important to consider how each school’s curriculum aligns with your learning style, as well as their respective accreditations which ensure the quality of education and its recognition by state licensing bodies.

To broaden your options, investigate other real estate education providers, examining their curriculums and accreditations for a fit with your learning style and regulatory recognition.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Estate U and Aceable Agent provide specialized online real estate education for New York.
  • Courses differ in content delivery, interaction, and learning tools tailored to student needs.
  • Proper accreditation is essential for recognition by New York’s licensing authorities.

Real Estate U Overview

A bustling city skyline with iconic New York landmarks, contrasted with a sleek, modern real estate office. Vibrant energy meets professional sophistication

A bustling city skyline with iconic New York landmarks, contrasted with a sleek, modern real estate office. Vibrant energy meets professional sophistication

Real Estate U is an educational platform tailored specifically to your needs if you’re aiming to kickstart a career in real estate in New York. The online school stands out for its affordability and comprehensive course offerings that include pre-licensing education, the necessary stepping-stone towards earning your real estate license. Alongside, you’ll find post-licensing and continuing education courses, ensuring that you remain updated with industry standards and regulations.

Course Offerings:

You can expect to find a variety of courses at Real Estate U, which are not only focused on pre-licensing but also include:

  • Post-licensing classes
  • Continuing education to keep your knowledge current
  • Exam preparation materials to aid in your licensing exam
  • Real estate sales associate and investing courses for further specialization

Material and Availability:

The school’s online options boast an interactive curriculum, primarily delivered through instructive videos, accompanied by practice tests after each lesson. Real Estate U provides you with a rich selection of educational resources to ensure you’re well-prepared for state exams and professional practice.

Your experience with Real Estate U is supplemented by responsive customer service, reachable through an online form for any queries or assistance you might need during your learning journey.

Online Options and Flexibility:

Benefiting from the convenience of 100% online classes, you can progress through the material at a pace that suits your schedule. If you’re hesitant to commit right away, the platform offers a free real estate agent course, a snapshot of the Real Estate U experience, without any financial obligation.

In essence, Real Estate U positions itself as a pragmatic choice for aspiring real estate professionals in New York looking for an accessible and reliable education platform to obtain their real estate license and continue growing within the industry.

Aceable Agent Overview

AceableAgent emerges as a dynamic and contemporary platform in the New York real estate educational landscape. The online real estate school is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to study on your own terms.

User Experience: AceableAgent ensures an engaging learning experience by providing a mobile app designed for both tablet and smartphone use. This means you can switch between devices and pick up exactly where you left off, whether you’re at home or on the move. The user-friendly interface combines educational videos, interactive lessons, and mini-games, enhancing the learning process and making complex concepts more digestible.

Features: With AceableAgent, you get a range of features tailored to enhance your real estate education:

  • Multiple Device Sync: Progress is saved across all devices.
  • Interactive Material: High-quality content with an interactivity focus.
  • Customer Support: Accessible customer service via phone and online.

Course Options: Your pre-licensing needs are well catered to, with packages that include:

  • Basic: Complete PDF textbook and instructor support.
  • Deluxe: Additional audio lessons, digital flashcards, exam prep questions, and more.
  • Premium: Private tutoring, live webinars, and webinar archive access.

Every offering comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you invest with confidence.

Pricing: AceableAgent offers affordable educational plans, with regular discounts available, making it a cost-effective choice for your real estate training needs in New York.

Reviews: Student testimonials consistently highlight the practicality of AceableAgent’s platform, praising the ease of information access and the repetition of key concepts to aid memorization.

Embark on your real estate learning journey with AceableAgent — a platform that combines convenience, quality content, and exceptional user experience to empower your career aspirations.

Real Estate U Vs Aceable Agent – Side By Side Comparison

Selecting the best real estate education provider in New York is crucial to your success. Here’s a detailed comparison of Real Estate U and Aceable Agent, focusing on different aspects such as customer service, pricing, and user experience.

Customer Service

Real Estate U offers customer support through a contact form on their website. Aceable Agent provides customer support via email with technical support available seven days a week during regular business hours.


Real Estate U’s New York pre-licensing course is priced at $99, while Aceable Agent’s course comes at a higher $239. This difference makes Real Estate U the more budget-friendly option.

Pre-Licensing Course

Both providers are approved by the New York Department of State for the 77-hour pre-licensing course. Real Estate U offers its courses online with a focus on audio for those on the move. Aceable Agent, also completely online, prides itself on mobile and web design compatibility.

Continuing Education Course

For those already licensed, continuing education is key. Details regarding continuing education courses with Real Estate U include a variety of real estate topics. Aceable Agent’s offerings in this area were not specified.

User Experience

Real Estate U aims for a navigable, user-friendly course design. Aceable Agent enhances learning with an interactive, user-friendly online platform. Both cater to a positive online learning environment.

Pass Guarantee

Aceable Agent offers a money-back guarantee but with certain conditions like failing the state exam three times within 30 days after course completion; these terms make it challenging to benefit from. Real Estate U does not offer a pass guarantee.

When choosing between Real Estate U and Aceable Agent, consider your budget, learning style, and the importance of interactive coursework. If the price is a primary concern, Real Estate U may be more appealing, while Aceable Agent could be preferable if an engaging user experience and additional support resources are priorities.

Real Estate U Vs Aceable Agent Accreditations

When you’re considering online real estate educational providers in New York, Real Estate U and Aceable Agent hold distinct reputations for equipping aspiring real estate professionals. Both institutions bear the necessary approvals to operate within the state.

Real Estate U Accreditations:

  • Accredited by the New York Department of State (NYDOS)
  • Courses designed to meet the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate salesperson or broker

Course Offerings:

  • Salesperson License: 77-hour pre-licensure course
  • Broker License: Additional coursework for broker qualification

Aceable Agent Accreditations:

  • Accredited by the New York Department of State (NYDOS)
  • Satisfies the educational criteria for prospective agents and brokers

Course Offerings:

  • Salesperson License: Interactive 77-hour pre-license courses
  • Broker License: Comprehensive curriculum encompassing advanced broker training

You’ll notice that both institutions provide a pathway for New York licensing, ensuring their curricula align with the state guidelines prescribed by the NYDOS. Your choice between Real Estate U and Aceable Agent may come down to personal preferences for course delivery and user experience, as both have met the robust accreditation standards of New York State.

Moreover, understanding reciprocity is essential for real estate professionals aiming to practice in New York with an out-of-state license. It’s crucial to research New York’s specific conditions for reciprocity, as they may require fulfilling additional requirements or exams. This strategic insight is key for those looking to enter one of the nation’s most vibrant real estate markets, offering a pathway for significant career growth.

Who Is Corofy?

Corofy stands at the forefront of the New York real estate education landscape, offering a pioneering online platform tailored to elevate your career in real estate. As a notable real estate school, Corofy breaks from tradition, providing a convenient yet thorough path to obtaining a New York real estate license.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Study at your own pace, anytime, anyplace, and on any device that suits your lifestyle.
  • Comprehensiveness: Interactive courses designed to enhance learning, with practice quizzes to prepare you for exams.
  • Affordability: Well-priced courses that do not compromise on quality, offering value for your investment.
  • Support: Access to customer support for any queries, ensuring you have the guidance needed to succeed.
  • Agent Matching: An agent matching program that connects you with sponsoring brokers in sync with your career aspirations.

Educational Path:

  • Completion of the required 77-hour New York real estate pre-licensing course.
  • Passing the school’s final exam and the state exam.
  • Interviews with potential sponsoring brokers.
  • Application for the real estate salesperson license through eAccessNY.

With a community-driven ethos, Corofy prioritizes quality education and career fulfillment. You embark on a journey to not just gain a license but to integrate into a real estate career backed by a robust educational foundation and ongoing support.

In choosing Corofy, you opt for an innovative educational experience designed for your triumph in New York real estate.

Why Corofy Real Estate School is Better Than Other Schools?

Ease of Access: You can access Corofy’s comprehensive courses anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This flexibility ensures that you can fit your studies around your personal schedule without the constraints of attending in-person classes, making it an ideal match for busy individuals.

Affordable Education: Corofy offers a cost-effective pathway to obtaining your real estate license. With a streamlined online experience, the platform provides essential learning resources without imposing a significant financial burden, thus lowering the barriers to entry into the New York real estate industry.

Quality Content and Support: The platform’s interactive course material is specifically designed to engage and prepare you effectively for the New York real estate license exam. Through interactive quizzes, memory cues, and responsive customer support, Corofy ensures a well-rounded educational experience that fosters comprehension and retention.

Real-World Readiness: Upon course completion, you’re not only equipped with knowledge but also with practical resources to aid in your career advancement. Corofy assists with job placement and broker connections, ensuring that you’re well-prepared not just for the exam but for your subsequent real estate journey.

User Endorsements: Testimonies from successful students highlight the user-friendly nature of Corofy’s platform and the effectiveness of the courses offered. Positive feedback reinforces the platform’s reputation as a provider that genuinely facilitates student success.

Personalized Learning Journey: Unlike traditional classroom settings, Corofy allows for a personalized and self-paced learning experience. This individual-focused approach helps you to learn in a style that best suits your needs and preferences.

Community and Founder’s Vision: The founder’s commitment to creating an educational community underlines the school’s dedication to its students’ careers. The vision of accessible, high-quality education is embedded in Corofy’s operations, making it an ally to aspiring real estate professionals in New York.

By choosing Corofy, you’re opting for a modern, practical, and supportive route to achieving your goals in the competitive New York real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

In navigating New York Real Estate education, it’s crucial to choose courses approved by the New York State Department of State and understand the steps to accessing and completing the required training online.

Which online real estate courses are approved by the New York State Department of State?

The New York State Department of State has approved several online real estate courses. New York Real Estate U and Aceable Agent are amongst those that are state-approved providers for the real estate licensing course.

What are the top-rated real estate licensing schools in New York?

Within New York, top-rated real estate licensing schools include New York Real Estate U and Aceable Agent, known for their comprehensive curriculum and user-friendly online platforms.

How does one access the 77-hour New York Real Estate Salesperson course online?

You can access the 77-hour New York Real Estate Salesperson course online through accredited schools like New York Real Estate U and Aceable Agent by enrolling on their respective websites and following the provided course access instructions.

Can I complete the New York real estate licensing requirements entirely online?

Yes, you can complete all the New York real estate licensing requirements online. The 77-hour pre-licensing course, study materials, and exam preparations are available through state-approved online schools.

What preparatory courses are recommended for the NYS real estate licensing exam?

To prepare for the NYS real estate licensing exam, it is recommended to take the state-required 77-hour pre-licensing course, which often includes exam prep material, from approved providers such as New York Real Estate U or Aceable Agent.

Are there any free resources available for the 77-hour New York real estate pre-licensing course?

While the 77-hour New York real estate pre-licensing course typically requires enrollment fees, providers may offer free resources such as sample quizzes, practice exams, or introductory lessons to aid in your study.

Who is Corofy?

Before being a school, Corofy is a community. Our founder, Eddy Boccara, started his real estate career as a real estate salesperson looking for a side hustle.

Since then, he’s had a passion for New York real estate and specifically the talented individuals that take the leap to get their real estate license and help this industry progress.

Eddy created Corofy with one goal in mind: to provide people with quality real estate education that actually helps them build a career they can be proud of.

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