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VanEd Real Estate School Review

Written by Gabriel Castillo
Reviewed by Eddy Boccara
March 11, 2024
March 11, 2024
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Choosing the right education provider is a critical step when starting or advancing your career in real estate. VanEd Real Estate School, a prominent online platform, prides itself on delivering comprehensive real estate education to those eager to enter or excel in the industry. Utilizing an online model, it provides flexibility and a diverse range of courses for aspiring agents and seasoned professionals alike, ensuring that your journey towards a new career in real estate can commence with the solid foundation it requires.

A modern office setting with a desk, computer, and real estate textbooks. A VanEd Real Estate School logo is prominently displayed on the wall

With an expansive catalog of real estate courses and curriculums that cater to various stages of professional development, VanEd makes it feasible for you to balance your education with other life commitments. Their offerings cover extensive aspects of real estate education, and the online format allows for immediate start and study at your own pace—necessary features for effective learning in today’s fast-paced world. What’s more, the legitimacy of VanEd Real Estate School has been established through years of service and student testimonials, positioning it as a viable option for your real estate education needs.

Key Takeaways

  • VanEd offers flexibility for individuals seeking to start or advance their career in real estate with an online education model.
  • A wide array of courses and programs are available, suited for new entrants and experienced professionals.
  • The school’s legitimacy is supported by a track record of positive student experiences.

Overview of VanEd Real Estate School

A bustling real estate school with students studying, instructors teaching, and a vibrant atmosphere. Materials and resources are readily available for learning

VanEd Real Estate School offers a comprehensive online learning experience for aspiring real estate agents. Entrusted by thousands of students, it is known for its quality education and flexible learning environment.

Is VanEd Real Estate School Accredited by NYSDOS?

Yes, VanEd Real Estate School is accredited by the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). This accreditation ensures that you receive education that meets the state’s regulatory standards for real estate licensing.

Is VanEd Real Estate School Certified by ARELLO?

Yes, VanEd Real Estate School additionally holds certification from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). Their certification confirms that VanEd adheres to the high-quality distance education practices required for certification.

VanEd Real Estate School Pros / Cons

When considering VanEd Real Estate School, it’s essential to weigh the positive aspects of their business and services against any drawbacks. The scope of this evaluation is squarely focused within New York and does not consider experiences from other states.


  • Reputation for Success: You’ll find that many students have successfully passed their real estate exams after studying with VanEd, as reflected in their positive reviews.
  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Their curriculum is praised for being well-organized, accessible on various devices, and for its mixture of text, images, videos, and audio content.
  • Expertise: With over a century of combined instructor experience, you’ll be learning from industry professionals who have a wealth of knowledge.
  • Accreditations: VanEd holds certifications from reputable regulatory bodies, ensuring that their educational offerings meet stringent standards.


  • Access Restrictions: Some students have noted issues with access periods for courses, specifically pertaining to the post-license course duration, which may impact your study schedule.
  • Mixed Reviews on Course Experience: Although many report a satisfactory educational journey, a few students have expressed discontent with certain aspects of the program’s delivery.

Taking into account the outlined pros and cons, it’s clear that VanEd Real Estate School maintains a strong position in the realm of online real estate education, notably so in New York. Your decision to engage with their services should consider both the robustness of their educational content and the limitations in course access policies.

Real Estate Programs and Courses Offered

In forging your path through the real estate industry, choosing the right educational programs is pivotal. VanEd Real Estate School offers comprehensive courses tailored to meet your needs, from getting started to advancing your career.

Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses

The foundation of your real estate career starts with our Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses. Specific to New York, these courses adhere to the state’s required 168 hours of education. You’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge to confidently sit for the state exam and embark on your sales journey.

  • Course Structure: Online modules covering essential real estate principles.
  • Topics Included: Property law, finance, agency law, contracts, and more.

Exam Preparation and Resources

Maximize your chances of passing the licensing exams with our robust Exam Preparation and Resources. Our real estate exam prep is designed to simulate the actual state exam, giving you familiarity and practice. With a variety of practice exams and exam prep courses available, you’ll refine your test-taking skills and strengthen your real estate expertise.

  • Features:
    • Multiple practice exams
    • Timed quizzes mirroring the real test
    • Detailed answer explanations

Continuing Education

Stay at the forefront of the real estate industry with our Continuing Education courses. These are not just to fulfill your renewal hours but to enrich your knowledge. Our continuing education courses are updated with the latest information and trends to ensure you remain a leading real estate professional.

  • Continuing Ed Requirements: Courses tailored for New York’s specific continuing education needs.
  • Course Options: Diverse topics ranging from ethical practices to advanced real estate concepts.

Online and In-Person Learning Formats

When considering real estate education, you have the choice between online courses that offer convenience and flexibility, as well as in-person learning for a more traditional classroom environment. Online learning at Corofy allows for a self-paced structure, where you can progress through the material at your own speed.

Mobile Application

Corofy’s online platform extends to a robust mobile application which enhances your learning experience. With the app, you can access live classes, interactive lessons, and resources anytime, which complements their leading position in real estate learning. The app ensures that even when you’re on the move, your real estate education never has to pause.

VandEd Real Estate School Cost & Course Options

When exploring your options for a quality real estate education, VanEd Real Estate School offers a range of course packages tailored to meet your needs, whether you are aspiring to become a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, or looking to acquire an appraisal certification.

Course Packages:

  • Standard Package: This package includes the essential course material required to understand the basics of real estate. It’s suitable for those on a budget.
  • Premium Package: For a more comprehensive learning experience, the premium package includes advanced topics, additional resources, and practice exams to better prepare you for your licensing test.

Course costs are competitive, and VanEd provides a payment plan option to help manage your budget while investing in your education. The payment plans allow you to break down the total cost into manageable monthly payments.

Appraisal Courses:

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate appraiser, VanEd offers appraisal courses that are compliant with New York state regulations. The courses cover all the necessary fundamentals, techniques, and laws pertaining to property appraisal.


  • Course content is fully online, accessible anytime and from anywhere.
  • Various study tools are available to enhance your learning experience.

When you opt for VanEd, you’re choosing a leading school in real estate learning. Recognized for its engaging method of online education, VanEd helps to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s real estate market.

Does VanEd Real Estate School Offer Customer Service?

VanEd Real Estate School ensures that you, as a student, have access to comprehensive customer service. When navigating their website, you’ll find various options to receive the support you need.

  • Instructor Support: They have a team of experienced instructors ready to assist with course-related questions.
  • Online Contact: A Q&A button within each course lets you quickly reach out for help.
  • Regular Responses: VanEd guarantees responses during work hours, ensuring that all inquiries are attended to promptly.

Customer service is an integral part of their educational offering, especially since the nature of online study requires reliable and accessible support. VanEd acknowledges this necessity and has structured their customer service to be responsive and helpful, enhancing your learning experience.

Their dedication to excellent service forms part of what makes VanEd a notable option for your real estate education needs. You can count on their customer service team to assist with any issues that arise, facilitating a smooth and effective online learning journey.

Can You Get A Refund On VanEd Real Estate School?

If you’re considering enrolling in VanEd Real Estate School, understanding their refund policy is important for making an informed decision. VanEd provides you with a clear set of terms should you find the need to request a refund.

Refund Eligibility and Time Frame:

  • Full Refund: You may be eligible for a full refund within a certain period after enrollment, provided you have not completed a substantial portion of the course.
  • Partial Refunds: In instances where you’ve engaged with a significant portion of the course materials, you may only be eligible for a partial refund.

Refunds for Payment Plans:

  • If you’re on a payment plan, the terms may differ. Typically, refund policies account for the payments already made and any access to course materials.

Trial Periods:

  • Some courses may offer a trial period. During this time, if you decide that the course is not a fit for your needs, you may qualify for a refund.

Requesting a Refund:

  • To initiate a refund, contact VanEd’s customer support through the avenues provided on their website.

Remember, it’s essential to review the specifics of the refund policy provided by VanEd for details on how the policy is implemented, as it may depend on the type of course or product you’ve purchased. Visit VanEd’s refund policy information for precise terms and conditions.

Is VanEd Real Estate School Legit?

When looking into VanEd Real Estate School, formally known as Van Education Center, you want to ensure it’s a legitimate option for your real estate education needs. Founded by Vann Hilty in 1997, VanEd has established itself as an online educational platform catering to aspiring real estate professionals.

Aspect Details
Founding Year 1997
Founder Vann Hilty
Type Online Real Estate School
Course Offerings Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Continuing Education
Continuing Education More than 40,000 students served
Licensing Students Approx. 15,000 Students for Licensing

Students generally express satisfaction with the varied course offerings, including pre-licensing, exam preparation, and continuing education. A review has mentioned these aspects favorably, indicating the school’s dedication to providing comprehensive real estate education.

Indeed, VanEd is a legitimate school that operates fully online, catering to your need to balance study with other life responsibilities. It’s streamlined for student engagement and accessible from the comfort of your home—a key factor in the rising trend of digital education.

Moreover, as you navigate through your options, you’ll find that VanEd’s longevity in the industry and the volume of students who have passed through its virtual doors serve as a testament to its reputation and legitimacy. While there are other educational providers in the vast landscape of real estate education, VanEd holds its ground as a credible institution.

VandEd Real Estate School vs Corofy Real Estate School

When comparing VanEd Real Estate School and Corofy Real Estate School, it’s important to consider various factors that will enhance your learning experience in New York’s competitive real estate market.

Learning Platform: Both schools offer a fully online learning environment. However, Corofy distinguishes itself with a platform that prioritizes ease of use and is designed with the latest technology to facilitate a leading real estate education.

Course Offerings: Your choice may depend on the breadth of courses offered. VanEd has a strong selection of real estate courses that align with New York’s licensing requirements. Corofy offers a focused curriculum tailored to deliver practical knowledge that’s highly relevant to New York real estate practices.

User Experience: When it comes to navigating the online platforms, Corofy’s interface is intuitive, making it simple for you to track your progress and access your courses. VanEd also provides a user-friendly experience, although some users have reported a steeper learning curve.

Support and Resources:

VanEd Real Estate School Corofy Real Estate School
Accessible customer support Extensive support network
Comprehensive exam prep Innovative exam preparation methods
Educational resources Cutting-edge educational materials

Corofy excels with its tech-forward approach and commitment to leading the way in real estate learning. Both schools have their merits, but Corofy’s dedication to best-in-class education offers you a definitive edge in New York’s real estate landscape. Make sure to evaluate which features align best with your personal learning style and career objectives.

What Our Team Does NOT Like About VanEd Real Estate School

When it comes to the difficulty of VanEd Real Estate School’s courses, some users have found them more challenging than anticipated. The progression through topics isn’t always intuitive, which can leave you feeling lost at times.

In terms of being organized, several reviews indicate that navigating through the course material can be somewhat cumbersome. The layout may not be as straightforward as you might expect, potentially leading to frustration if you’re looking for specific sections or topics.

Regarding the presentation of material, it appears that the interface could use some improvements for a smoother learning experience. The text-heavy pages might make it hard for you to stay engaged throughout the study process.

Lastly, when examining value for the money, your investment in education is significant, and some argue that the pricing structure does not reflect the overall quality and user experience offered by VanEd Real Estate School, leaving you questioning its worth compared to alternative learning opportunities.

  • Challenges Faced:
    • Course materials can be difficult to digest.
    • Navigation through topics lacks intuitiveness.
  • Presentation & Organization:
    • Layout and user interface could be more user-friendly.
    • Text-heavy and potentially less engaging content.

Keep these points in mind when considering your real estate education options in New York. It’s essential to choose a school that aligns with your learning style and professional goals.

Verdict: Is VanEd Real Estate School Worth It?

Evaluating whether VanEd Real Estate School is the right choice for your real estate education depends on several critical factors. As someone eager to build a foundation in real estate and aiming to become a licensed real estate agent, it’s imperative that the educational route you choose offers a comprehensive curriculum that effectively prepares you for successful licensure and a prosperous career.

VanEd Real Estate School in Colorado provides a digital learning environment tailored for aspiring real estate professionals like you. Reviews suggest VanEd stands out for its well-structured online courses that offer versatility and a quality educational platform. The school’s approach is focused on enabling you to become a CO real estate broker with an array of resources at your disposal, including:

  • Interactive lessons: Utilize varied formats such as text, images, and videos.
  • Exam preparation: Receive effective preparation for passing the real estate exam.
  • Continuing education: Engage in educational opportunities even after licensure.
  • Accreditation: Benefit from a school accredited by reputable organizations, ensuring a recognized standard of education.

Here’s a quick summary:

Feature Benefit to You
Interactive Learning Formats Engages and retains your attention throughout the course
Effective Exam Prep Boosts your confidence and preparedness for the exam
Continuing Education Options Supports your career growth post-licensure
Accredited Curriculum Assures a high standard of learning

Considering these points, VanEd proves to be a valuable option for prospective agents who value a thorough and flexible online learning experience. If these attributes align with your educational needs, VanEd could be well worth your investment and time.

Why Do Students Consider Corofy as the Best Online Real Estate School?

When you’re exploring options for online real estate education in New York, Corofy stands out prominently among the rest. Corofy offers a fully online educational experience tailored to meet the needs of aspiring real estate professionals. They have established a reputation for excellence, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive and engaging course material.

Educational Excellence: Corofy provides high-quality, interactive online courses that you can access anytime, anywhere. Their curriculum is designed to help you grasp complex real estate concepts with ease and apply them practically.

Comprehensive Coverage: The courses cover all necessary aspects of real estate training to ensure you’re well-prepared to excel in New York’s competitive market. The curriculum is state-specific, which means you’ll be learning exactly what you need to know for your career in New York.

  • Focus on Technology: With Corofy, you receive the benefit of learning through innovative platforms that make the learning process both effective and engaging.
  • Adaptability: Whether you prefer studying in the early mornings or late at night, Corofy’s flexibility allows you to integrate your education seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Support & Resources: You’re never alone in your learning journey. Corofy offers extensive support and resources to assist you every step of the way.

Given these attributes, it’s clear why many students rate Corofy as their top choice for an online real estate school in New York. Their comprehensive approach ensures that you’re prepared not just for the exams, but for a thriving career in real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most specific questions you might have about VanEd Real Estate School.

What are the reviews for VanEd Real Estate School on Reddit?

On Reddit, reviews for VanEd Real Estate School vary, with many users sharing their personal experiences regarding course content, ease of access, and the effectiveness of the learning platform.

How does VanEd Real Estate School rank on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

VanEd Real Estate School holds a rating on the BBB, which reflects customer satisfaction and trust. Check their current standing on the BBB website for the most recent information.

Can I use VanEd Real Estate School to get accredited in California?

VanEd Real Estate School may offer courses that meet the licensing requirements of various states, but you should verify if its programs are accredited in California.

What are the best online real estate schools currently available?

When looking for the best online real estate schools, consider their reputation, accreditation, the quality of their learning materials, and feedback from alumni. Accessibility and technology also play a crucial role.

Are there any ARELLO certified real estate schools similar to VanEd?

Schools that carry ARELLO certification ensure a standard of quality and regulatory compliance. Check ARELLO’s website to find a list of online schools like VanEd Real Estate School with similar credentials.

How do I obtain a real estate license in Colorado through an online school?

To obtain a real estate license in Colorado through an online platform, you need to complete pre-licensing education, pass the state and national exams, and apply for your license. VanEd Real Estate School offers a comprehensive program to help you accomplish this.

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