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Real Estate U vs Kaplan – Which is Better?

Real Estate U vs Kaplan - 18 Course Features Compared
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Examining the realm of real estate education in New York uncovers a competitive environment where prospective agents have the liberty to select from a wide range of providers to complement their learning preferences and career objectives. Real Estate U, an online educational framework acclaimed for its affordability and adaptable learning choices, and Kaplan, a well-established institution renowned for its thorough coursework and plentiful resources, are amongst the leading players in this field. When deciding which school to enroll in for your real estate license, it’s essential to comprehend how these two giants stack up against each other to assist your decision-making procedure.

The New York Real Estate University and Kaplan buildings stand tall, facing each other with a bustling city street in between

Real Estate U offers a convenient path for aspiring agents in New York looking to enter the market. It provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the New York State licensing exam and for their future careers. Conversely, Kaplan presents a more traditional approach with its in-depth course materials and additional support services. Both schools are committed to helping students achieve licensure, but they cater to different learning preferences and schedules.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Estate U and Kaplan offer distinct approaches to real estate education for those seeking a New York license.
  • Each school’s accreditation status may impact your decision on where to pursue your professional development.
  • Online real estate schools play a significant role in shaping the professional journey of aspiring real estate agents in New York.

Real Estate U Overview

A bustling cityscape with iconic New York landmarks in the background, contrasting Real Estate U and Kaplan logos prominently displayed

Real Estate U emerges as a noteworthy online platform specializing in New York’s real estate pre-licensing courses. Embracing the convenience and flexibility of self-paced study, you have the advantage of maneuvering through the NY 77-Hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course via a compilation of pre-recorded video content from its creation in 2013. The courses are particularly friendly to auditory learners, enabling you to digest information even while commuting.

With an emphasis on affordability, Real Estate U’s pre-licensing course is presented at an economical rate. Additionally, the course is accessible on various devices, catering to your mobile lifestyle. Satisfaction among students is a core focus for Real Estate U, reflected in their approach to teaching.

Real Estate U not only lays the foundation for obtaining your New York real estate license but also paves a pathway towards advancing in real estate careers, especially in commercial investing. Their broad catalogue extends beyond pre-licensing to include continuing education and real estate investing courses.

FeaturesReal Estate U
State AccreditationApproved by New York Department of State
PricingEconomically positioned at $99
Course AccessOnline and mobile-friendly
Instructor QualityTaught by a diverse group of real estate professionals
Completion Timeline12 months to access course material
CurriculumSpecifics on curriculum creation not provided
User ExperienceDesigned for ease of use and navigation
Course InteractivityIncludes activities and quizzes
State Exam PrepAdditional resources available for a fee

Real Estate U operates on the principle that innovative and affordable education should be within your reach. As you contemplate your journey in the New York real estate landscape, this institution represents a solid starting point, fusing convenience with quality at a competitive price point.

Kaplan Overview

Kaplan, a well-known entity in the educational landscape, offers a portfolio of online courses across various disciplines, including real estate. It operates under Kaplan, Inc., a larger umbrella organization involved in providing educational services.

In the context of real estate education, Kaplan provides an array of course options. These encompass pre-licensing education, crucial for aspiring real estate professionals, and continuing education, helping you stay current within the industry. Their curriculum extends to additional realms such as appraisal and home inspection, presenting a comprehensive suite of educational offerings.

Within these courses, Kaplan emphasizes a standardized form of training. Relying on established teaching methods, Kaplan ensures that course delivery is consistent, which translates into predictable and structured learning experiences for you. However, it’s important for you to note that such standardization might pose certain technical prerequisites and may limit tailor-made course elements. Their educational approach incorporates both textual and interactive materials, including video content, to support varied learning styles.

Moreover, Kaplan is equipped with career resources. While direct job placement assistance is not explicitly provided, the diverse training and educational tools available can serve as an asset when transitioning into or advancing within the real estate sector.

For continuing education, Kaplan stands out as a prudent choice. It allows established real estate professionals to adhere to licensing requirements, ensuring that you can not only meet the necessary educational criteria but also thrive in a competitive market through enhanced knowledge and skills.

Real Estate U Vs Kaplan – Side By Side Comparison

When you’re considering online real estate schools in New York, it’s crucial to examine specific factors such as customer service, pricing, course offerings, and pass guarantees. Below, find a detailed comparison between Real Estate U and Kaplan to help you make an informed decision.

Customer Service

Real Estate U offers email and phone support with a reputation for being responsive and helpful. Kaplan also provides customer support through phone and email, and includes live chat, which can be a quicker option for resolving issues.


Real Estate U is known for its affordable pricing, especially for budget-conscious learners. In contrast, Kaplan’s pricing is generally higher; however, they do offer a variety of course packages, which can provide added value to your professional development.

Pre-Licensing Course

The pre-licensing courses at Real Estate U are designed to be self-paced with extensive online options. Kaplan’s pre-licensing courses include interactive learning components and come with different package options, like the Career Launcher package, which offers additional exam prep and professional development resources.

Continuing Education Course

Both schools offer continuing education courses to fulfill your state requirements. Real Estate U’s courses are competitively priced and convenient for those on a budget. Kaplan provides a broader range of continuing education options, which may include more interactive elements and diverse course subjects for your professional growth.

User Experience

Real Estate U delivers content via a straightforward platform that you can access from your computer, emphasizing simplicity. Kaplan offers a more robust user experience with a mobile app and a platform that accommodates various learning styles, supplemented by interactive courses.

Pass Guarantee

Real Estate U provides resources to help you pass your real estate exam, but it does not offer a money-back guarantee. Kaplan, on the other hand, offers a “Pass or Don’t Pay” guarantee, implying confidence in their course’s ability to prepare you effectively for the exam. Pass rates and guarantee specifics can be indicators of a program’s efficacy.

Real Estate U Vs Kaplan Accreditations

When comparing accreditations between Real Estate U and Kaplan for New York Real Estate education, it’s essential to recognize the approval status granted by the New York Department of State. Both institutions have secured the necessary accreditation to offer real estate education within New York.

Real Estate U

  • Accredited by: New York Department of State
  • Programming: Offers courses tailored to New York’s specific requirements.
  • Recognition: Courses are recognized across New York for real estate pre-licensing, exam preparation, and continuing education.
Real Estate U OfferingsAccreditation Status
Pre-Licensing CourseAccredited
Continuing EducationAccredited
Exam PrepAccredited


  • Accredited by: New York Department of State
  • Coverage: Delivers real estate courses in compliance with New York standards.
  • Scope of Services: Provides a broad suite of services for educational needs, including exam prep and license renewal courses.
Kaplan ServicesAccreditation Confirmation
Real Estate LicensingAccredited
Broker LicensingAccredited
Continuing EducationAccredited
Exam Prep and TutoringAccredited

Both institutions offer accredited courses in New York and are known for their extensive resources tailored to the state’s real estate market. Your choice may depend on specific learning styles, schedules, and preferred course formats, as both Real Estate U and Kaplan hold the necessary credentials to guide your real estate education in New York.

Who Is Corofy?

Corofy stands out as a dynamic community-driven platform, specializing in New York real estate education tailored for those aspiring to become licensed professionals. With a focus on delivering an expedient and cost-effective online learning experience, Corofy guides you through the necessary steps to obtain your New York real estate license.

Step 1: Learn
77-Hour Real Estate License Course
– State Exam prep resources
– Job placement assistance
– Dedicated customer support

Step 2: Pass
– Final Exam (School Proctored)
– New York Real Estate State Exam (At least 70% to pass)

Step 3: Connect
Agent Matching Program
– Matching with sponsoring brokers
– Alignment with career goals and lifestyle

Step 4: Succeed
Application and Career Onset
– Complete Salesperson Application via eAccessNY
– Embark on a prosperous real estate career

The platform goes beyond traditional classroom constraints, giving you the autonomy to progress through your course at a flexible pace, anytime, anywhere, from any device. The engaging and interactive course content is crafted not only to prepare you to pass the New York real estate exam with confidence but also to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Reputation and Trust
Student testimonials reflect the platform’s reputation for being user-friendly and valuable. Its interactive quizzes, end-of-chapter exams, and vivid content keep you engaged, making learning enjoyable and effective.

In a field that values connection and reputation, Corofy’s agent matching program and educational resources are instrumental in building your professional network and establishing your credibility in the competitive New York real estate landscape.

Why Corofy Real Estate School Is Better Than Other Schools?

Corofy Real Estate School distinguishes itself as a premier choice for those seeking a New York real estate license through an online educational platform that is both efficient and budget-friendly. Offering a New York 77-hour Real Estate License Course that is informative and user-friendly, the school ensures students are prepared for their exams with ample study aids, including memory cues, engaging content, and practice assessments.

Corofy’s learning environment allows flexibility. You are free to progress through the course at your own pace and can access the material from any device, which makes balancing your studies and personal commitments far more manageable.

The course is interactive and designed with effectiveness in mind, employing quizzes and exams that aid in reinforcing the material covered. Students have provided testimonials stating how valuable these resources were in their preparation for the licensing exam.

Corofy prides itself on affordability without compromising on quality. You do not need to spend a hefty sum to receive top-notch education and resources to succeed in the competitive New York real estate market.

The school’s customer support is highly responsive, catering to any inquiries you may have throughout your educational journey. This assurance creates a supportive learning atmosphere where all your concerns are promptly addressed.

A distinct feature of Corofy is its commitment to job placement assistance. By helping you connect with reputable sponsoring brokers, it facilitates a smoother transition into your real estate career, emphasizing not just education but your subsequent professional advancement.

In conclusion, Corofy Real Estate School emerges as a superior choice for acquiring your real estate license in New York due to its economical, flexible, informative, and supportive approach to real estate education.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find answers to common queries regarding the differences and offerings of RealEstateU and Kaplan in the realm of New York real estate education.

What distinguishes RealEstateU from Kaplan for New York real estate licensing courses?

RealEstateU offers a more budget-friendly, entirely online learning experience, whereas Kaplan provides a variety of course formats including live classes, and on-demand video tutorials tailored to New York’s real estate curriculum.

How do the costs compare between RealEstateU and Kaplan for real estate education in New York?

RealEstateU is generally considered more cost-effective, delivering online courses at a lower price point compared to Kaplan’s wider range of educational products, which includes comprehensive package options at higher prices.

Which platform offers the best preparation for the New York State real estate licensing exam?

Both RealEstateU and Kaplan are well-regarded for exam preparation; however, your best choice depends on your preferred learning style—value and self-paced online learning with RealEstateU, or a more interactive experience with diverse study tools from Kaplan.

Are the online real estate courses offered by RealEstateU accredited in New York State?

Yes, RealEstateU’s online courses are accredited and satisfy the licensing requirements of the New York State Department of State for real estate salespersons.

Can one obtain a New York real estate license entirely through online coursework?

You can complete all the required educational coursework online through approved education providers including both RealEstateU and Kaplan, before taking the state licensing exam and applying for licensure.

How difficult is it to pass the New York real estate licensing exam?

The difficulty of the exam can vary per individual; however, thorough study and preparation—which both RealEstateU and Kaplan can provide—will significantly improve your chances of passing the New York real estate licensing exam.

Who is Corofy?

Before being a school, Corofy is a community. Our founder, Eddy Boccara, started his real estate career as a real estate salesperson looking for a side hustle.

Since then, he’s had a passion for New York real estate and specifically the talented individuals that take the leap to get their real estate license and help this industry progress.

Eddy created Corofy with one goal in mind: to provide people with quality real estate education that actually helps them build a career they can be proud of.

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