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77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course & Classes Online in Ogdensburg, NY

Get your New York real estate license with Corofy’s online 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes in Ogdensburg, NY. Complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device. *2024 Updated Curriculum*

Last updated: February 1, 2024

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10,000+ Enrolled

Interactive dashboard of the NYS 77-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course Online and an introduction to the steps for acquiring a real estate license.

Key Topics Covered in 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes

Corofy’s New York 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes is approved by the Department of State and follows New York State’s required curriculum. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The Basics Of The New York Real Estate Industry.
  • How To Ace The New York State Real Estate Exam.
  • How You’ll Make A Difference As A Real Estate Agent.

Why People Choose Corofy in Ogdensburg, NY?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pass to Progress Refund Policy: Simply enroll, engage, and pass the first lesson of your course. If you decide the course isn’t right for you after this initial engagement, we offer a full refund. No Questions Asked.

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How to Become A Real Estate Agent
in Ogdensburg, NY

➡️ Step 1: Choose an Accredited Real Estate school in Ogdensburg, NY 🏫

Selecting an accredited real estate school in Ogdensburg, NY is a pivotal step for aspiring agents. Accreditation ensures the education you receive meets industry standards and is recognized by the state's licensing body, setting a solid foundation for your career.

➡️ Step 2: Enroll in 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes 📝

After picking your course, you need to finish it. Make sure to learn everything carefully, because it's really important for being a good real estate agent.

➡️ Step 3: Find a Sponsoring Broker in Ogdensburg, NY 🤝

Before you can be an official real estate agent, you need to find a sponsoring broker. This is a more experienced agent who will help and guide you as you start out.

➡️ Step 4: Pass the New York Real Estate Licensing Exam 📕

Next, you have to pass another big test, but this time it's for the whole state of New York. This shows you're ready to work in real estate here.

Requirements To Get New York Real Estate License in Ogdensburg, NY

To get your New York State real estate license, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a current NYS photo driver’s license or non-driver ID card.
  • Have no prior felony or sex offense convictions.

Curriculum for 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes

Discover what you’ll learn in New York 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes and how long each topic is. 

  • Chapter 1 - License Law and Regulations (10 Hours)
Learn about license law and the responsibilities of a licensed real estate salesperson.
  • Chapter 2 - Law of Agency (11 Hours)
Learn about the role of real estate brokerages, agency disclosures, and how you’ll earn money as a real estate agent. 
  • Chapter 3 - Legal Issues (10 Hours)
Learn about the legal issues associated with estates, interests, liens, easements, deeds and title closings and how to navigate them as a real estate agent.
  • Chapter 4 - The Contract of Sales and Leases (3 Hours)
Learn about the various types of contracts and leases, standard lease provisions, and how to prepare a contract.
  • Chapter 5 - Real Estate Finance (5 Hours)
Learn about the various types of mortgages, lender criteria, and predatory lending practices. 
  • Chapter 6 - Mortgage Brokerages (1 Hour)
Learn about the role, requirements, and responsibilities of a mortgage broker.
  • Chapter 7 - Real Estate Mathematics (1 Hour)
Learn basic real estate mathematics and the various duties as a real estate agent that will require mathematical skills.
  • Chapter 8 - Land Use Regulations (3 Hours)
Learn about Planning Boards and Zoning Boards, area planning, and private land use controls. 
  • Chapter 9 - Municipal Agencies (2 Hours)
Learn about municipal agencies, the function of each agency,  and the various agencies a real estate agent will encounter in their work.
  • Chapter 10 - Construction and Environmental Issues (5 Hours)
Learn about major contruction and electrical systems and contemporary and longstanding environmental issues.
  • Chapter 11 - Valuation Process and Pricing Properties (3 Hours)
Learn about appraisals, valuations, market value, and how properties are priced. 
  • Chapter 12 - Human Rights and Fair Housing (6 Hours)
Learn about the basic tenets of fair housing, types of discrimination, and the responsibility of a real estate agent in upholding fair housing.
  • Chapter 13 - Property Insurance (1 Hour)
Learn about property insurance, it’s purpose, and the real estate agent’s role in explaining property insurance to a home buyer.
  • Chapter 14 - Taxes and Assessments (3 Hours)
Learn about how real estate taxes are calculated, the purpose of taxation, and which properties are exempt. 
  • Chapter 15 - Condominiums and Cooperatives (4 Hours)
Learn about the differences between condominiums and cooperatives and how to assess a buyer’s ability to buy either type of property. 
  • Chapter 16 - Commercial and Investment Real Estate (10 Hours)
Learn about the various types of investment properties and methods of advertising investment properties.
  • Chapter 17 - Income Tax in Real Estate Transactions (3 Hours)
Learn about federal income tax, federal tax rules, capital gains, and tax depreciation.
  • Chapter 18 - Property Management (2 Hours)
Learn about the requirements and responsibilities of a property manager and how to become a property manager.
  • Chapter 19 - Licensee Safety (1 Hour)
Learn about safety concerns associated with being a real estate agent, how to maintain your safety, and liability issues.
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How Long Does It Take to Complete
New York 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes?

The state of New York requires prospective real estate salespeople to fulfill 77 hours of education before they can take their licensing exam.

At Corofy Real Estate School, we get that your life is packed with commitments. That’s why we’ve tailored an online pre-licensing course just for New York, designed with your needs in mind. You can dive into the material at your own pace and fit it around your busy schedule, whether it’s work or personal obligations. It’s a convenient path to earning your real estate license, all on your terms.

Real Estate Market Overview in Ogdensburg, NY

Becoming a real estate agent in 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes, NY can be a rewarding career choice, offering potential for growth in a dynamic housing market.

  • The city's unique market in a scenic riverside location, attracting diverse buyers.
  • Opportunities for niche specialization in historic or waterfront properties.
  • A close-knit community environment conducive to building strong client relationships.

Real Estate Agent Salary in Ogdensburg, NY

Similar to the rest of New York State, real estate agents in Ogdensburg, NY earn a substantial income due to the increasing housing demand and home prices.

Median Home Sales Price in Ogdensburg, NY: $85,000

Real Estate Agent Salary in Ogdensburg, NY: $59,000

Earn a career certificate

After you complete your New York 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes, you’ll:
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Meet Your Instructor in Ogdensburg, NY

Jonathan Agostino
New York State and Arello Certified New York Real Estate Course Instructor
New York Online 77-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Instructor
4.9 Instructor Rating
100 Reviews
10,000+ Students
3 Courses

Jonathan has helped over 1,000 students across New York learn how to turn real estate into a career. He has a proven track record of providing one-on-one student support to ensure students are digesting the course material and are prepared to pass the State Exam.

Prior to joining Corofy, Jonathan was a licensed real estate salesperson who specialized in pre-foreclosure and distressed sales. His data-driven sales approach saw him rank in the top 1% of RE/MAX agents worldwide after just 6 months of being licensed.

In addition to Jonathan’s industry-proven experience, he has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a Master of Science in Real Estate from The Pratt Institute School of Architecture, where he graduated top of his class, was the President of the Graduate Real Estate Practice Club, and was the recipient of the Pratt Institute Circle Award (the School's Highest Honor) and the Excellence in Academic Achievement Award.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before being a school, Corofy is a community. Our founder, Eddy Boccara, started his real estate career as a real estate salesperson looking for a side hustle. Since then, he’s had a passion for New York real estate and specifically the talented individuals that take the leap to get their real estate license and help this industry progress. Eddy created Corofy with one goal in mind: to provide people with quality real estate education that actually helps them build a career they can be proud of.

Corofy is the first New York Real Estate School that helps students get their license and jumpstart their real estate career in one place for only $179. With Corofy, students can:

  1. Complete their 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes. 
  2. Find a reputable sponsoring broker in New York.
  3. Get their New York real estate license. 

Corofy’s founder, Eddy Boccara, moved from France to the United States with a goal of finding success and a career he was passionate about. After getting his real estate license in college as an extra stream of income, he eventually dropped out of college to fully pursue his real estate career. 

Through this journey, Eddy realized the real estate industry was missing something very important – easily accessible and affordable real estate education. With that in mind, Eddy eventually created Corofy with a goal of providing quality real estate education to those looking to start a career they can thrive in, without breaking the bank to get there.

Here’s what you can expect after you complete the real estate pre-licensing course: 

  1. Receive your Certificate of Completion.
  2. Choose a sponsoring broker. 
  3. Pass the NY State Real Estate Exam.
  4. Apply For Real Estate Salesperson License.
  5. Begin your long and lucrative career in real estate. 

And of course, Corofy is here to help you every step of the way.

Absolutely! Corofy’s 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes is fully approved by the New York Department of State (License Number: D01075). Our course and instructor are also accredited by Arello and IDECC. These certifications are only awarded to schools with A+ online education.

Starting your 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes is easy:

  1. Select a state-approved school.
  2. Enroll in the course.
  3. Complete the coursework and exams.
  4. Pass your state’s licensing exam.

The New York 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Classes is designed to be comprehensive yet flexible. It encompasses 77 hours of engaging and informative content, which you can complete at your own pace. Dive into the world of real estate and embark on your exciting journey with us!

Anyone aspiring to become a licensed real estate salesperson in New York must complete the pre-licensing course. It’s a vital step, designed to equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in real estate. Dive into this exciting journey with us, and get one step closer to achieving your real estate dreams!

New York Real Estate License offer

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5.0 (500+)

Get Your New York
Real Estate License:

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Beginner Level

5.0 (500+)

Get Your New York
Real Estate License:

NYSDOS Certified Course

77Hr of Pre-Licensing Education

Certificate of Completion

Free Final Exam

24/7 Customer Support

Lifetime Job Placement