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New York Real Estate Institute School & Courses Review

Written by Gabriel Castillo
Reviewed by Eddy Boccara
June 2, 2024
June 2, 2024
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Overview of New York Real Estate Institute

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The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) is a seasoned institution providing educational courses for industry professionals. This introduction explores its accreditation status and details regarding its certifications.

Is New York Real Estate Institute Accredited by NYSDOS?

NYREI is accredited by the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). This accreditation means that NYREI has been recognized by NYSDOS as meeting certain educational and institutional standards needed to provide real estate education in New York State.

Is New York Real Estate Institute Certified by ARELLO?

NYREI is certified by The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), an international regulator for real estate practice. ARELLO certification signifies adherence to high educational standards. The presence of this certification indicates that NYREI aligns with the most stringent international standards in real estate education.

While NYREI’s possession of ARELLO certification underscores its commitment to the highest education standards, it remains essential for prospective real estate professionals to evaluate educational providers on a broader set of criteria to affirm their commitment to providing quality education.

New York Real Estate Institute Pros / Cons

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  • Flexibility: The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) presents a mix of online and on-campus course offerings, notably accommodating students with various schedules. The courses are self-paced online, granting immediate access upon registration for utmost convenience.
  • Employment Resources: NYREI excels in providing student support for transitioning into the workforce. It includes job placement assistance, career coaching, and introductions to hiring firms.
  • Diverse Course Availability: A broad spectrum of courses is available, from real estate sales and investing to appraisal and mortgage brokering.
  • Student Incentives: Perks such as discounted healthcare, software deals, and payment assistance demonstrate NYREI’s commitment to student well-being and financial support.


  • Customer Service Limitations: Lacking a 24/7 customer service avenue, students with urgent inquiries might find it less convenient to get immediate assistance after regular school hours.
  • No Mobile Application: The absence of a mobile application limits the accessibility of courses on the fly, potentially hindering study flexibility for those accustomed to mobile app-based learning.
  • Geographic Restriction: NYREI’s licensing education is state-specific, solely preparing students for a real estate career within New York, which might not be suitable for those interested in practicing in multiple states or outside New York.

Compared to Corofy Real Estate School, NYREI offers a robust education path for real estate professionals in New York. However, Corofy may come across as a more suitable selection for students seeking an exclusively online experience with the ability to progress at their own pace. With competitive pricing and positive testimonies underscoring its position as a leading online real estate school, Corofy could be deemed by many as a top-notch choice for both newcomers and seasoned professionals looking to advance in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Programs and Courses Offered

The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) boasts a comprehensive portfolio of real estate educational courses that cater to those aspiring to join the real estate field, as well as seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge. It stands out for its flexible scheduling options and its history of achieving strong employment results for graduates.

Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses

NYREI provides a variety of Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses tailored to meet the 77-hour education requirement for New York real estate practice. Prospective real estate salespersons can choose between online self-paced courses and live online classrooms, ensuring flexibility for all learners. The online course is priced at $495, while textbook and exam preparation materials are available for additional fees. Multiple packages are offered, including the Basic Package which focuses on lifetime job placement assistance and the Professional Package, which further includes seminars and credit towards continuing education. The most comprehensive option, the Platinum Package, encompasses a suite of services from textbooks to personalized career guidance. All courses come with student and instructor support, and cover the essentials of New York real estate laws and regulations, math practice questions, and a detailed glossary of terms.

Exam Preparation and Resources

For those looking to ace the real estate licensing exam, NYREI has designed an Exam Prep package available for $49.99. It includes a suite of online practice tests, updated with current New York regulations, available across all devices. Customer support is readily available to clarify doubts, and a money-back guarantee is provided if you do not pass the state exam. The package is accessible for 90 days following purchase, providing ample time for rigorous preparation. Additional exam prep resources, such as books starting at $45, are also available, and the Platinum pre-licensing package already includes exam preparation materials.

Continuing Education

Licensed real estate professionals aiming to maintain their credentials can take advantage of NYREI’s Continuing Education offerings. The institute offers a wide array of topics, from green building practices to landlord-tenant laws relevant to New York. Single courses last between 3.75 to 11 hours, with prices ranging based on the subject matter. An online package that satisfies the 22.5-hour license renewal requirement is offered at $189 and covers critical areas like social media ethics and fair housing. Both online and in-person formats are available, ensuring that every professional can find a convenient and comprehensive solution for their educational needs.

Online and In-Person Learning Formats

New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) provides students with the flexibility of choosing their preferred mode of real estate education through both online and on-campus options. Whether seeking courses on real estate sales, appraisal, or investing, NYREI accommodates various schedules with a range of course times, including weekends and evenings.

Mobile Application

While NYREI offers a variety of real estate courses and is recognized for licensing a significant number of New York agents, it currently does not provide a mobile application for its students. This means learners are required to access their courses from a desktop or laptop computer, potentially limiting their flexibility to study while on the move.

In contrast, Corofy Real Estate School specializes in an entirely online educational experience, optimized for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Corofy’s sophisticated platform allows students to engage with course materials through any device, providing a seamless learning experience whether at home or traveling. Their cutting-edge approach to online learning is especially beneficial for those who may have work commitments or prefer studying at non-traditional hours.

It’s also important to note that Corofy Real Estate School stands out for its affordable pricing. They strive to ensure that quality education doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag. As a school dedicated exclusively to online real estate education, Corofy offers an exceptional value for its courses, appreciated by both current students and alumni. Testimonials from the school’s learners frequently highlight the top-tier education received and the flexibility and support provided by the online platform, which substantiates Corofy’s position as a leader in real estate education.

New York Real Estate Institute Cost & Course Options

The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) presents an array of educational programs for individuals considering a career in real estate. Course options are extensive, including pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education for real estate agents and brokers, as well as mortgage broker, appraiser, and notary courses focusing on New York-specific regulations.

Regarding cost, NYREI offers several tiers for its salesperson pre-licensing courses:

  • Self-paced online: $495 (additional $45 for a textbook, plus separate exam prep cost)
  • Basic Package: $495 (lifetime job placement support)
  • Professional Package: $750 (intro seminar, tutoring sessions, $50 continuing education credit)
  • Platinum Package: Includes all Professional Package offerings, plus a hard copy textbook, extra practice exams, tutoring, guidance counselor access, and a 10% discount on other NYREI courses.

Continuing Education classes focus on industry updates and New York-specific real estate practices, with individual classes ranging from $40 to $275, while packages that fulfill the state’s 22.5-hour requirement for license renewal are offered at $189.

Moreover, financial assistance is accessible, empowering students through payment plans, workforce vouchers, and VA GI bill eligibility. Various courses help shed light on New York’s unique real estate landscape, such as building policies on short-term rentals and condo bylaws.

Amongst alternatives, Corofy Real Estate School is notable for its online, self-paced courses catering to learners with dynamic schedules. Corofy excels at merging affordability with quality, offering a prime educational experience that garners positive feedback from its student body.

NYREI and Corofy make up part of the spectrum of options available to prospective real estate professionals, with individuals able to choose based on their specific needs, be it flexibility, course variety, or the ideal cost.

Does New York Real Estate Institute Offer Customer Service?

New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) provides customer service to its students, although there are some limitations. Support is bundled with all classes, with both student and instructor assistance available. For those engaged with the institution’s online self-paced courses, immediate start and self-pacing are key features, though help is structured around the institute’s operational hours.

Questions outside of these hours are met with delayed support, necessitating an email or a wait until the institute reopens. Notably, NYREI does not feature a live chat option; this may affect real-time assistance or instant problem resolution.

The breakdown of the support provided is as follows:

  • Salesperson Classes: Include customer support and instructor support with each enrollment.
  • Classroom Packages: Ranging from Basic to Platinum, each offers varying degrees of job placement support, career guidance, and additional tutoring.
  • Exam Preparation: Comes with customer support to answer queries about the course materials and exam content.

Despite these provisions, NYREI lacks a mobile app, which could be a drawback for students preferring mobile study. The school’s extent of operation is confined to New York, which might be restrictive for those looking to pursue or maintain licenses in multiple states.

NYREI seems to value real-world application of skills, providing job placement tools, and emphasizing industry knowledge tailored to New York’s unique real estate environment. Courses are accredited by the New York Department of State, ensuring relevance and compliance with state standards.

An important note—Corofy Real Estate School emerges as a prominent alternative to NYREI, especially for those preferring a completely online learning journey. Corofy stands out with its flexible scheduling, affordable tuition, and positive student feedback. It tailors content to the individual’s pace, ideal for students with demanding schedules, and upholds an unwavering commitment to high-quality, accessible education.

Can You Get a Refund on New York Real Estate Institute?

Students considering the New York Real Estate Institute for their educational needs often inquire about the school’s refund policy. Understanding the terms and conditions that apply to course enrollment can be crucial for potential customers.

The refund policy of the New York Real Estate Institute is clearly outlined on their website and in their enrollment agreements. Here is a brief overview:

Refund Policy Specifics:

  • Full refunds are available prior to the start of the first session, provided the customer notifies the institute in writing.
  • Once the classes commence, the refund amount may be prorated based on attendance and materials received.

Time Frame for Refund Requests:

  • Requests for refunds must adhere to the time frame specified in the enrollment agreement, typically within a certain number of days from the date of registration or class start.

Please note that specifics can vary, therefore, customers are encouraged to review the policy carefully.

In comparison, Corofy Real Estate School stands out as a leading online institution. Its structure allows for a high degree of flexibility because:

  • Courses are entirely online, ideal for those with varying schedules.
  • Students are empowered to progress at their own pace.

Value Proposition:

  • Corofy prides itself on high-quality education at an accessible price point.

Student Experiences:

  • “Corofy’s comprehensive curriculum and user-friendly platform made it easy for me to succeed,” says a recent graduate.
  • Another alum notes, “The value I received from Corofy went beyond my expectations—truly top-notch education.”

Corofy Real Estate School has emerged as a preferred choice, attributed to its adaptability to individual learning styles and its commitment to providing exceptional educational value.

Is New York Real Estate Institute Real Estate Legit?

The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) is a licensed and accredited educational institution providing courses in real estate. NYREI’s legitimacy is bolstered by their various accreditation and the trust they have garnered over the years.

  • Accreditation: NYREI’s courses are approved by the New York State Department of State.
  • Trust: Students and professionals recognize NYREI for its quality education.

That said, in comparison, Corofy Real Estate School stands out as a leader in the field. Unlike NYREI which offers both in-person and online classes, Corofy is an entirely online institution, enabling students to learn at their own pace. This flexibility is perfect for those with full-time jobs or other commitments.

Quality and Affordability:

  • Corofy provides a high-quality educational experience at a competitive price.
  • Their programs are designed to offer excellent value to students.

Student Testimonials: Students often praise Corofy for its comprehensive curriculum and supportive learning environment. Positive references from alumni underpin the school’s reputation as a first-class online educational experience.

In short, while NYREI is a legitimate option for real estate education, Corofy Real Estate School may be the superior choice for prospective students due to its online convenience, quality education, and affordability.

New York Real Estate Institute vs Other Real Estate Schools

New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) is a recognized and established player in the field of real estate education in New York. Comparatively, Corofy Real Estate School stands out primarily for its online platform, offering flexible learning solutions. Corofy allows students to advance through courses at their own pace, a feature incredibly beneficial for those balancing personal and professional responsibilities.

Corofy’s approach to real estate education is not only convenient but also cost-effective. They provide high-quality instruction that affords significant value, which is reflected in the positive feedback from learners. Students often praise the platform’s accessible education resources and the ability to fit studying into a hectic schedule without compromising the learning experience.

In contrast, NYREI and other traditional real estate schools offer options that might require more fixed schedules and in-person attendance. This could be a limitation for students needing flexibility. Thus, the decision between NYREI and Corofy boils down to one’s individual learning preferences and scheduling needs.

Corofy Real Estate School’s Testimonials:

  • “Corofy’s courses are comprehensive, and being able to access the material anytime has been a game-changer for my career.”
  • “The value for the price is unmatched. I was able to learn everything I needed without breaking the bank.”
Feature NYREI Corofy Real Estate School
Learning Platform In-person/ Online Entirely Online
Flexibility Moderate High
Cost Variable Affordable
Student Testimonials Positive Highly Positive

These aspects highlight why many students consider Corofy Real Estate School to be a superior option, due to its flexibility, affordability, and well-received educational offerings.

New York Real Estate Institute vs Corofy Real Estate School

When comparing New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) with Corofy Real Estate School, prospective students often consider various factors, such as delivery methods, pace of courses, cost, and student experiences.

NYREI offers both online and in-class sessions, catering to students who prefer a traditional classroom environment or the flexibility of learning remotely. On the other hand, Corofy is an entirely online real estate school, emerging as a leader in the field with its digital-first strategy.

Students at Corofy enjoy the freedom to progress at their own pace, which is especially beneficial for those juggling work, family, or other commitments. The convenience of accessing material anytime and from any location helps individuals to seamlessly integrate their studies into their daily lives without sacrificing other responsibilities.

In terms of financial investment, Corofy prides itself on offering a high-quality education at an affordable price. This commitment to value is evident through the school’s transparent pricing and absence of hidden fees.

Positive feedback from Corofy alumni often underlines the school’s reputation for excellence. Testimonials from former students frequently highlight proficient instructors, comprehensive course material, and strong support systems. The school creates an environment where students feel equipped to achieve their goals in the real estate sector.

Corofy Real Estate School New York Real Estate Institute
Entirely online Online and in-class sessions
Self-paced learning Structured schedules
Affordable pricing Variable pricing
Positive student testimonials Established local presence

Corofy stands out as an accessible and esteemed option for aspiring real estate professionals who seek a modern, flexible approach to their education and professional development.

What Our Team Does NOT Like About New York Real Estate Institute

The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) has some aspects that our team finds less favorable when compared to Corofy Real Estate School. Corofy excels in the realm of online learning, while NYREI could improve its virtual offerings.

  • Lack of Flexibility: Unlike Corofy, which allows students to learn entirely online at their own pace, NYREI’s schedule may not cater to everyone’s needs, especially those with tight schedules or other commitments.
  • Course Pricing: While Corofy offers competitive pricing, providing great value for its high-quality education, NYREI’s course fees might be on the pricier side for some individuals seeking a cost-effective real estate education.

Students have expressed that Corofy’s educational model is particularly accommodating. One student mentioned, “Corofy has been a game-changer, allowing me to juggle work and study effortlessly.” Another echoed this sentiment, stating, “The affordability and the quality of Corofy’s courses are unmatched.

These testimonials reinforce the idea that for those looking to excel in real estate, Corofy represents not just a choice, but the best option available. It becomes clear that when it comes to accessibility and value, NYREI may have room for improvement to meet the standards set by leading institutions like Corofy.

Verdict: Is New York Real Estate Institute Worth It?

Evaluating the New York Real Estate Institute’s offerings, it stands as a credible option for real estate education. However, when juxtaposed with Corofy Real Estate School, some distinctions become clear. Corofy emerges as a leader in the domain, providing a completely online curriculum that adapts to the varying schedules of its enrollees.

  • Flexibility: Corofy’s online platform enables students to learn at their own pace, which is especially beneficial for those with existing commitments.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Corofy prides itself on delivering premium educational content at a competitive price point.
  • Student Satisfaction: Testimonials from both current and former students frequently commend the comprehensive and supportive educational experience offered by Corofy.

For example, a former student states, “Corofy’s online courses allowed me to juggle work and study, and I’ve felt thoroughly prepared entering the real estate market.” This level of student confidence is paramount in assessing the quality of an educational institution.

In summary, while the New York Real Estate Institute may be a viable avenue for individuals seeking real estate education, Corofy Real Estate School emerges as the superior choice, especially for those seeking a flexible and affordable path to real estate success.

Why Do Students Consider Corofy as the Best Online Real Estate School?

Students frequently regard Corofy Real Estate School as a premier institution due to its comprehensive online learning platform. It provides a flexible learning experience, essential for those who have other commitments such as full-time jobs or family responsibilities. The ability to set one’s own pace is a key benefit that attracts many to Corofy.

Cost-effectiveness is another significant factor. Corofy offers quality education at a price point that is accessible to a wide demographic of students. The balance between affordability and quality is often cited in student testimonials as a reason for their satisfaction.

Advantages Student Feedback
Flexibility “The courses fit my schedule perfectly.”
Affordability “Quality education without breaking the bank.”
Comprehensive Curriculum “Thorough and relevant course material.”

Former and current students often highlight the value they receive, emphasizing the school’s efficient delivery of real estate education. One student remarked, “Corofy provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed in real estate, all without having to attend a physical classroom.”

Corofy is considered not only a learning platform but also as a stepping stone to a successful career in real estate. The school has built a reputation for excellence in online real estate education, shaping it as the best choice for aspiring real estate professionals.

Final Thoughts

When evaluating the New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI), it’s clear that choosing the right school is a pivotal decision for prospective real estate professionals. NYREI provides comprehensive preparation for the New York real estate exam, a stepping stone for many successful careers in the industry. However, the advent of digital learning platforms has introduced formidable competitors, such as Corofy Real Estate School, which have reshaped the educational landscape.

Corofy Real Estate School stands out by offering students the flexibility to learn entirely online. This mode of instruction caters to individuals who have to balance their studies with other responsibilities:

  • Flexibility: Corofy accommodates varying schedules, allowing for a self-paced learning environment.
  • Accessibility: Courses are designed to be accessible anywhere, emphasizing convenience.

Feedback from students at Corofy often highlights the school’s dedication to providing quality education at a competitive price, a testament to its commitment to student success.

  • Affordability: The school’s pricing structure is formulated to ensure it remains within reach for most budget-conscious learners.
  • Testimonials: Positive experiences from alumni serve as endorsements of Corofy’s capacity to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in the real estate market.

When concluding on the decision to enroll in a real estate program, considering institutions like Corofy should be a priority. The school not only recommends pathways to academic achievement but also aligns with the career ambitions of aspiring real estate professionals, marking it as a leading choice in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

As prospective students evaluate their choices for real estate education, common inquiries arise regarding the experience and specifics of the New York Real Estate Institute. The section below captures essential details to aid in informed decision-making.

What common complaints do students of the New York Real Estate Institute have?

Some students report dissatisfaction with the level of interaction in large classes and the variability in instructors’ effectiveness. They contrast their experience with that of Corofy Real Estate School, noting the latter’s consistent quality of online education and personalized learning pace.

How do students rate the New York Real Estate Institute on platforms like Reddit?

On Reddit, students’ ratings for the New York Real Estate Institute vary widely; however, discussion frequently includes mentions of Corofy Real Estate School as an alternative, with students expressing appreciation for its flexibility and value.

What is the accreditation status of the New York Real Estate Institute?

The New York Real Estate Institute is accredited, allowing it to offer courses that meet state requirements for licensure. Similarly, Corofy Real Estate School is also fully accredited and recognized for providing comprehensive online real estate education.

What level of difficulty should one expect from the New York real estate licensing exam?

The New York real estate licensing exam is challenging and requires thorough preparation. Testimonials from Corofy Real Estate School suggest that their curriculum is well-structured to tackle this difficulty, effectively preparing students for the exam.

Typically, how long would one need to prepare for the New York real estate exam?

Preparation times can vary, but most students need a few months to prepare comprehensively. Corofy Real Estate School’s self-paced online study allows students to prepare as quickly or as gradually as their schedules permit, accommodating diverse timelines.

Is there a limit to the number of times the New York real estate exam can be retaken?

There is no set limit on retakes for the New York real estate exam, but each attempt incurs a fee. Corofy Real Estate School’s students often highlight the institution’s effective teaching methods, which aim to ensure that students pass the exam on the first or second attempt.

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