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NCI School of Real Estate Review

Written by Gabriel Castillo
Reviewed by Eddy Boccara
March 6, 2024
March 6, 2024
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Choosing the right education for a career in real estate is crucial, and the NCI School of Real Estate presents itself as a contender. Located in Michigan, this institution focuses solely on real estate law and practice within the state, aiming to equip you with the knowledge to become a licensed real estate agent. NCI offers various course formats, including Zoom Live Webinars, self-paced online courses, and in-person classes, providing flexibility to meet different learning preferences and schedules.

The NCI School of Real Estate bustles with students and instructors, as the modern building stands against a backdrop of a bustling cityscape

Deciding on the best real estate school involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the array of programs offered, learning formats, cost, customer service, and the school’s credibility. As you navigate your options, the NCI School of Real Estate’s reputation for specialization in Michigan real estate education and their overall service offerings may stand out. The school’s reviews and ratings can serve as indicators of the quality and effectiveness of their educational programs, an essential consideration in your decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • NCI provides focused real estate education in Michigan with flexible learning options.
  • The school’s offerings cater to varying schedules and preferences through multiple course formats.
  • Evaluating NCI’s programs involves considering factors such as cost, support, and school legitimacy.

Overview of NCI School of Real Estate

The NCI School of Real Estate building stands tall and modern, surrounded by lush greenery. The sun shines brightly, casting long shadows across the entrance. A sign proudly displays the school's name in bold letters

NCI School of Real Estate offers comprehensive real estate education with an emphasis on Michigan-specific laws and practices. Whether you’re starting your career or seeking further professional development, you’ll find a range of options to suit your learning needs.

Is NCI School of Real Estate Accredited by LARA?

NCI School of Real Estate is recognized for its dedication to real estate education, and its programs are structured to meet the requirements set by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). By ensuring compliance with state guidelines, NCI School of Real Estate maintains its accreditation status, fostering trust and reliability in its professional credentials.

Is NCI School of Real Estate Certified by ARELLO?

In addition to its statewide accreditation, NCI School of Real Estate seeks to adhere to the global standards in real estate education. While certification by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) is a testament to a school’s commitment to high-quality, standardized real estate education, specific information about NCI’s current certification status can be directly obtained through their educational offerings. This certification is instrumental in assuring you of the school’s dedication to educational excellence and professional recognition.

What Are the Pros and Cons of NCI School of Real Estate?



  • Michigan-Specific Focus: NCI School of Real Estate is renowned for providing comprehensive, Michigan-specific real estate education, ensuring you are well-prepared to practice in the state.
  • Courses Offered: A wide range of courses are available, from prelicensure training to broker classes, catering to various stages of your real estate career.


  • No Prior Experience Required: To enter the field and become a licensed salesperson in Michigan, you do not need any previous experience, as detailed on their FAQ page.
  • Professional Growth: As an agent, you have the opportunity to build and grow your personal brand and professional network, which can be fostered through the school’s training.



  • Limited Public Feedback: Reviews on NCI School of Real Estate may not be widely found, requiring potential students to conduct thorough research or directly reach out to alumni for insights.


  • Age and Education Requirements: You must be at least 18 years old and have completed your prelicensure education to work in Michigan’s real estate, which can be a barrier for those looking to start early or transition quickly.

Remember, while the pros can offer a compelling reason to enroll, you should consider how the cons may impact your educational and professional journey in real estate.

Real Estate Programs and Courses Offered

As a prospective Michigan real estate professional, you can find diverse educational programs at the NCI School of Real Estate that cater to different stages of your career, from pre-licensing courses to continuing education.

Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses

At NCI School of Real Estate, you can enroll in the Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge of Michigan real estate law and practice. Your options for taking the course include Zoom Live Webinar, Online Self-Paced, and In-Person sessions to fit your preferred learning style and schedule. The comprehensive curriculum ensures you cover all you need to qualify as a Michigan licensed real estate agent.

Exam Preparation and Resources

To support your preparation for the Michigan real estate licensure exam, NCI School of Real Estate offers a suite of Exam Preparation and Resources. These materials are crafted to refine your knowledge and enhance your test-taking skills. Resources such as practice exams, study guides, and focused review sessions are available to help you navigate through the testing process with greater ease and confidence.

Continuing Education

Your growth doesn’t stop at acquiring your license. The Continuing Education courses at NCI School of Real Estate aid you in staying current with industry changes, satisfy your state requirements, and enhance your professional skills. A variety of state-approved courses keep you updated on the latest Michigan real estate laws, practices, and ethical standards to ensure your ongoing competency in the field.

Online and In-Person Learning Formats

When selecting a real estate program, it’s important for you to consider whether the school offers flexible learning options that can cater to your lifestyle and learning preferences.

Does the NCI School of Real Estate Have a Mobile Application?

Currently, NCI School of Real Estate does not offer a dedicated mobile application for its courses. However, you can access the learning material using a modern web browser on your mobile devices, thanks to their browser-friendly online course designs. This ensures that, whether you are on the go or at home, you can engage with your real estate studies seamlessly across various devices within Michigan.

NCI School of Real Estate Cost & Course Options

At NCI School of Real Estate, you’ll find a variety of course options tailored to help you become licensed in real estate in Michigan. Offering flexibility, NCI provides three primary methods to study: live webinars via Zoom, self-paced online courses, and traditional in-person classes.

Cost Overview:

  • Live Webinar: Competitively priced live interactive sessions.
  • Self-Paced Online: Affordably set for those who prefer studying at their own pace.
  • In-Person: Slightly higher cost compared to online options but provides hands-on experience.

Payment Options:

  • Full Payment Upfront: Generally required for all courses; specific payment details are available upon enrollment.
  • Other Financing: Details about any financing options can be found on the payment page of the course enrollment section.

You are encouraged to visit the FAQs page for detailed information on the mandatory hours and other requirements for completing your real estate education in Michigan.

A synopsis of the real estate programs offered by NCI includes comprehensive licensing courses, exam preparation materials, and continuing education classes to help maintain your professional standing. Each program is designed to meet Michigan’s real estate law and practice education standards.

It’s important to review each course type and determine which format works best for your learning style and schedule. Keep in mind that costs may vary depending on the course type and the materials included.

Does NCI School of Real Estate Offer Customer Service?

At NCI School of Real Estate, excellent customer service is highly emphasized for your professional growth in the real estate industry in Michigan. When you reach out for support, you can expect a prompt and helpful response. If you have any questions or require assistance, the school aims to reply within a 24-hour window, ensuring that your query is addressed quickly and efficiently.

  • Contact Options:
    • Phone Support: Available for more immediate concerns.
    • Online Form: A convenient option which you can find on their Contact Us page.
    • Social Media: Interactive and social support through their Facebook page.

Your career development is paramount to NCI, making it a point of pride to offer the necessary backing to facilitate your journey in real estate. The school’s customer service includes providing detailed information about the licensing process, educational requirements, and assistance with schedule planning for your courses, whether you prefer a Zoom live webinar, an online, self-paced option, or an in-person experience.

The school’s vast expertise in Michigan real estate law and practice allows for knowledgeable support, which could be crucial to your success as an aspiring real estate professional. Always remember that support extends beyond the classroom — it includes real estate licensing logistics, course information, and even post-licensure educational opportunities.

Can You Get A Refund on NCI School of Real Estate?

When you enroll at the NCI School of Real Estate, understanding the refund policy is crucial in case your plans change. Here are the key points you should know regarding refunds:

  • Eligibility: Your ability to receive a refund depends on the specific circumstances of your cancellation.
  • Time Frame: Refund eligibility typically decreases as the start date of your course approaches, so it’s important to act promptly if you decide to cancel.

The Refund Policy International Students provides insights, specifically for new international students. This suggests that there might be special considerations for refunds depending on your student status.

For a more detailed and personalized answer based on your specific case, you should:

  1. Review the terms and conditions you agreed to upon enrollment.
  2. Contact NCI directly through their customer service or support portal.
  3. Keep all communication in case you need it for future reference.

Understanding these details ensures you can navigate the process of a potential refund with confidence and clarity. If your circumstances match the policy’s criteria, a refund can be a straightforward process.

Is Nci School of Real Estate Legit?

NCI School of Real Estate is an educational institution based in Michigan, noted for its role in the professional training of individuals seeking careers in real estate. When you examine the reputation of NCI School of Real Estate, it is upheld by a multitude of customer reviews that speak to the quality of the education provided.

Legitimacy Factors:

  • State-Specific Education: Courses are tailored to Michigan’s laws and regulations.
  • Industry Respect: Training is not just about passing exams but also about gaining respect for the real estate industry.
  • NCI Associates, Ltd.: The parent company demonstrates a commitment to quality education.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Ratings: You’ll find that NCI School of Real Estate has received positive scores for its services, an aspect that you can verify through customer reviews.
  • Accreditation: The school’s legitimacy is further confirmed by appropriate accreditation and licensing from Michigan’s real estate educational authorities.

Brief overview of NCI Associates:

NCI Associates, Ltd. is the guiding force behind NCI School of Real Estate, renowned for its dedication to delivering practical and inspiring real estate and building industry education.

Your decision: When you’re deciding on attending NCI School of Real Estate, your assurance can be found in the transparency of its operations and the feedback from former students. The incentives to update and inspire through education suggest you are looking at a legitimate and reputable institution.

NCI School of Real Estate vs Other Real Estate Schools

In Michigan, the NCI School of Real Estate competes with a variety of other educational institutions for aspiring real estate professionals. When you are making your decision on where to study, it’s helpful to understand the differences and what each school offers.

  • Curriculum: NCI School of Real Estate provides a robust curriculum that is specifically designed to meet Michigan’s licensing requirements. Compared to other real estate schools, such as Middleton Real Estate Training, you’ll find that both schools offer the mandatory 40 hours of pre-licensure coursework. However, NCI touts its personalized instruction and experienced faculty.
  • Flexibility: Many competitors offer online classes to accommodate your schedule. For example, Kaplan Real Estate Education provides a mix of online and in-person classes, appealing to a larger number of students who require flexibility in their learning.
  • Post-License Education: Beyond the initial license, it’s important to consider how a school supports continued education. NCI School of Real Estate emphasizes continuous learning and offers post-license courses, a trait not all competitors may match.
  • Pass Rates: The ultimate goal is passing the state exam. Research if NCI or other schools, such as The CE Shop, disclose their pass rates. This could be a good indicator of the quality of their education and student support.
  • Networking Opportunities: NCI might offer networking events with real estate firms and alumni, which can be a significant advantage. Assess how competitors support your networking within the Michigan real estate industry.

When selecting a real estate school in Michigan, consider what NCI School of Real Estate offers in comparison to its competitors in real estate education. Evaluate their course offerings, flexibility, support for continued learning, success rates, and networking opportunities to make an informed choice.

What Our Team Dislikes About NCI School of Real Estate

While your journey to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Michigan has the potential to be enriched at the NCI School of Real Estate, there are certain areas we believe could benefit from improvement.

  • Flexibility in Course Format:
    • You might find that the options for course delivery are somewhat limited. The choice among a Zoom Live Webinar, Online Self-Paced, and In-Person, while useful, may not cater to all learning styles or schedules.
  • Innovation in Course Material:
    • The content, tied closely to Michigan real estate law and practice, could embrace more current digital trends and interactive learning tools.
  • Website Navigation:
    • Navigating their website could prove cumbersome for you, as it may not offer the most user-friendly experience.
  • Post-Certification Support:
    • After completing your certification, the level of ongoing support and resources for career advancement might not meet your expectations.

While NCI School of Real Estate focuses specifically on Michigan real estate laws and practices, staying informed and seeking your best fit in terms of education and support is important for your real estate career in Michigan.

Verdict: Is NCI School of Real Estate Worth It?

When assessing the NCI School of Real Estate, you’re looking at a focused institution dedicated to Michigan real estate law and practice. The school offers various course formats, including Zoom Live Webinars, Online Self-Paced, and In-Person classes, catering to different learning preferences.

Value for Money:
The school’s commitment to your education is displayed through the option to take the course in multiple formats. However, to gauge the real value for money, consider the testimonials of past students and the school’s track record of success. If former students found their investment worthwhile, it could be a promising sign.

Course Structure:

  • Live interaction in webinars or in person
  • Flexibility with self-paced online modules
  • Emphasis on Michigan laws and practices

The NCI School of Real Estate displays a strong reputation with a focus on Michigan’s markets and regulations. The school’s specialization could ensure that you’re receiving education that’s not just comprehensive but also relevant to your regional licensing requirements.

Before enrolling, evaluate the customer reviews for real-life experiences. High ratings and positive feedback from real estate professionals can shine a light on the effectiveness of the school.

In summary, if you’re seeking in-depth knowledge specific to Michigan with flexible learning options, NCI School of Real Estate requires consideration. Your final decision should rest on how the school aligns with your career goals and learning style.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering a career in real estate in Michigan, NCI School of Real Estate emerges as a reliable institution to help you achieve your real estate license. Their educational resources provide you with an in-depth understanding of what is essential for not only passing the state exam but also for thriving in the industry.

  • Exam Preparation: The training you receive is aimed to arm you with the skills needed to navigate the real estate exam confidently. NCI’s Real Estate Exam Review can be particularly beneficial, offering a concentrated and comprehensive study guide.
  • Continuing Education: It’s also important to recognize the value of continuing education. NCI’s continuing education courses are described as engaging and equivalent to advanced college-level education, which can help keep your knowledge and skills sharp even after you’ve obtained your license.

NCI provides strategies specifically crafted to enhance your ability to understand and tackle the types of questions you’ll encounter. Learning how to effectively analyze and answer these questions can be a decisive factor in your exam performance.

With NCI, you are not just preparing to pass a test; you’re laying down the foundation for a solid career in Michigan’s real estate market. Be diligent in your study, make use of the resources at your disposal, and approach your licensing journey with the assurance that you’re receiving quality education tailored to your state’s specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

In navigating the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate professional in Michigan, you may have several questions. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the courses and advantages of enrolling in a real estate school like NCI School of Real Estate.

What courses are required to obtain a real estate license in Michigan?

To obtain a real estate license in Michigan, you must complete a minimum of 40 hours of pre-licensing education from a LARA-approved provider. These hours cover essential topics such as real estate law, contracts, ethics, and practice.

How do LARA-approved real estate courses compare to other courses?

LARA-approved real estate courses are mandatory for licensure and are designed to meet state-specific educational guidelines. These courses focus specifically on Michigan laws and practices, differentiating them from real estate courses that may not cater to state-specific requirements.

What are the benefits of attending a real estate school?

Attending a real estate school offers several benefits, including structured learning, access to experienced instructors, and the ability to stay current with state-specific regulations and procedures which contribute to greater professionalism in your career.

What should one look for in a real estate training program?

When selecting a real estate training program, look for one that offers comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics, employs experienced educators, provides resources for exam preparation, and has a good reputation with positive feedback from prior students.

How does the curriculum of a real estate school prepare you for a career in real estate?

The curriculum of a real estate school prepares you for a career by covering topics critical to the industry, such as property valuation, financing, property management, sales techniques, and Michigan’s legal framework including state-specific nuances.

What kind of support can students expect from a real estate school after graduation?

After graduation, students can expect continued support in the form of post-licensing education, exam preparation assistance, networking opportunities with professionals, and sometimes job placement services to help ease the transition from student to practicing agent.

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