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Real Estate U vs Colibri – Which is Better?

Real Estate U vs Colibri: 18 Feature Comparison
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The landscape of real estate in New York presents diverse opportunities for those looking to join the industry, and the success in this endeavor highly depends on opting for the right education. Online real estate schools have become highly reputable because they provide flexible and all-inclusive programs catering to varying learning approaches and availabilities. Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate are two of these well-known online platforms, each one designed to provide the necessary education for acquiring your real estate license effectively.

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A side-by-side comparison of Real Estate U and Colibri reveals differences and similarities in their approaches to licensing education. Both schools bring unique features and accreditations to the table, aimed at equipping you with the knowledge required to navigate the real estate market. It’s important to assess the course structures, resources offered, and teaching methodologies of both to determine which aligns best with your learning preferences and career goals.

When choosing the best real estate school in New York, remember to prioritize finding one that offers an outstanding 77-hour pre-licensing course. This crucial element can significantly influence your readiness and success in the real estate market.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Estate U and Colibri offer accredited online courses tailored to New York’s real estate licensing requirements.
  • Comparing both schools helps you understand their unique educational approaches and resources for aspiring real estate professionals.
  • Selecting the right online real estate school is crucial for obtaining your license and succeeding in the competitive New York real estate market.

Real Estate U Overview

A bustling cityscape with skyscrapers and busy streets, showcasing the contrast between the Real Estate U and Colibri buildings in New York

Real Estate U provides an online platform that ensures you have the flexibility to embark on your New York real estate pre-licensing education conveniently. The learning environment is self-paced, which means you can fit your studies into your busy schedule without the constraints of traditional classroom timings. You’ll have access to the course content through various devices, offering the advantage of mobile learning.

Course Options & Availability:

  • Pre-licensing Course: 77 hours tailored to NY state requirements.
  • Continuing Education: Available to keep your license current.
  • Investing Courses: Expand your expertise in commercial real estate investing post-licensing.

Devised in 2013, the coursework at Real Estate U is primarily video-based, with a strong emphasis on audio to support your learning, even during commutes. This approach makes the academy stand out for working professionals who may prefer auditory learning or require consistent course access on-the-go.

The course options at Real Estate U are designed to be user-friendly, and strive to provide a quality user experience. The layout and navigational aspects of the course interface have been developed with your convenience in mind. The curricula include various activities such as fill-in-the-blank exercises and quizzes, to reinforce your knowledge and prepare you for the New York State Real Estate Exam.

As for the instructors, Real Estate U boasts a faculty comprising 21 real estate professionals, giving you insights from individuals with diverse fields of expertise, including law and tax, which are crucial aspects of real estate education.

Your journey to obtaining a New York real estate license through Real Estate U is supported with 12-month course access, granting you ample time to absorb and revisit the material as needed. While no explicit job placement assistance is offered, the comprehensive nature of the courses positions you well for entering the real estate market in New York.

Colibri Real Estate Overview

Colibri Real Estate provides comprehensive online pre-licensing courses tailored for aspiring New York real estate agents. As you embark on this critical educational journey, you’ll have the flexibility to study at your own pace, making it compatible with a full-time job. Colibri’s user-friendly platform allows easy access to course materials, including three eBooks that enhance learning.

  • Course Features & Formats: Engage with online materials that adapt to various learning styles, featuring interactive exercises to reinforce comprehension.
  • Instructors: Benefit from the insights of 47 seasoned industry professionals dedicated to supporting your educational needs.
  • Exam Prep Materials: Opt for additional exam preparation resources to bolster your confidence before the state examination.

Learning Environment & Support:

  • Formats: Enjoy the convenience of a virtual classroom setting, accessible from any mobile device.
  • Support: Access instructor support seven days a week, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly within 24 hours.

Investment & Course Timeline:

  • Pricing: The course is priced at $230.30, reflecting the quality and breadth of resources available.
  • Duration: You’ll have six months to navigate through the program, providing sufficient time to absorb the material thoroughly.

By selecting Colibri Real Estate, you’re choosing a structured yet flexible path designed to pave the way for a successful career in the New York real estate landscape.

Real Estate U Vs Colibri Real Estate – Side By Side Comparison

Choosing the right New York real estate course provider is crucial to your success in obtaining a New York Real Estate License. This comparison assesses Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate based on their offerings in customer service, pricing, pre-licensing coursework, continuing education, user experience, and pass guarantee.

Customer Service

Real Estate U provides customer support through a contact form on their website. With Colibri Real Estate, you gain access to state-approved instructor support seven days a week with a promise of responses within 24 hours.


Real Estate U offers competitive pricing at $99 for the pre-licensing course. On the other hand, Colibri Real Estate sets their pricing at $230.30 for equivalent course content.

Pre-Licensing Course

Both institutions are approved by the NY Department of State and support online learning with mobile access. The pre-licensing course at Real Estate U is delivered through pre-recorded video that includes audio, suitable for learning while commuting. Colibri Real Estate provides online materials and three eBooks with a curriculum developed by experienced New York real estate professionals.

Continuing Education Course

While Real Estate U offers continuing education, they specialize in real estate investing courses which might favor commercial investors. Colibri Real Estate tailors its continuing education courses with live online sessions, beneficial for interactive learners.

User Experience

The platforms for both Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate are designed to be user-friendly; Real Estate U focuses on ease of use, whereas Colibri Real Estate emphasizes interactivity in its course design.

Pass Guarantee

Neither provider lists a New York State Real Estate Exam pass rate. However, they both offer additional resources for state exam preparation and practice exams which incur extra costs – $49 at Real Estate U and $69 at Colibri Real Estate. It’s important to note that these offerings are separate from the standard course packages.

In your selection process, consider these factors closely to choose a provider that aligns with your learning preferences and professional aspirations in the New York real estate market.

Real Estate U Vs Colibri Real Estate Accreditations

In comparing accreditations between Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate in New York, it’s key to consider the credibility of each education provider in the real estate domain. Both institutions offer courses designed to prepare you for state licensing examinations.

Real Estate U is an online education provider accredited by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), ensuring the education you receive meets regulatory standards for real estate practice. This accreditation signifies that your coursework from Real Estate U will be accepted in New York for meeting the pre-licensing education requirements.

Real Estate UColibri Real Estate
ARELLO accreditedARELLO accredited
Online coursesOnline courses
Licensing prepLicensing prep

Colibri Real Estate, similarly, holds ARELLO accreditation, guaranteeing that their courses adhere to the high standards imposed by regulatory authorities for real estate education.

Both institutions provide relevant course materials and resources that support you through the licensing process, ensuring you have the necessary knowledge to navigate the New York real estate landscape.

In sum, when it comes to accreditations for real estate education in New York, both Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate meet the required standards and are endorsed by ARELLO, affirming their commitment to high-quality, compliant education in real estate.

Who Is Corofy?

Corofy stands as an innovative online platform devoted to aspiring real estate professionals in New York. It’s designed to streamline the journey from interested learner to licensed agent by providing comprehensive, online instruction through its educational courses. Your pathway to becoming a licensed real estate agent unfolds in a structured yet flexible online environment. You’re guided through a 77-hour Real Estate License Course, including exam preparation materials and customer support.

The platform prides itself on an easy-to-use interface and an interactive course layout that enhances the learning experience. Corofy’s course integrates memory aids and practice quizzes to ensure practical preparation for your exams. Upon completing the coursework and successfully passing the necessary exams with at least a 70% score, you’ll connect with sponsoring brokers aligned with your lifestyle and ambitions.

Aiding in your real estate aspirations doesn’t stop at education. Corofy assists you to build a fulfilling career by helping identify suitable sponsoring brokers once your licensing course is complete. This ensures you’re positioned to succeed in New York’s competitive real estate market.

Corofy’s platform stands out among competitors due to its affordability, without compromising on quality or accessibility. Its commitment to providing a supportive learning ecosystem makes it a sought-after choice for those aiming to become real estate agents. Beyond initial licensure, the platform also offers Continuing Education Courses, ensuring that even after becoming a licensed agent, your professional growth continues unabated.

Your real estate career begins with quality education and strategic networking – and Corofy is dedicated to facilitating both, setting you on a promising career trajectory in the bustling New York real estate market.

Why Corofy Real Estate School Is Better Than Other Schools?

When selecting a real estate school in New York, Corofy Real Estate School stands out for several reasons.

Curriculum Relevance: Your coursework at Corofy is constantly updated to reflect the latest market trends, which ensures that you’re learning what’s most relevant in today’s real estate landscape.

Instructor Excellence:

  • Experienced: Teachers are active industry professionals.
  • Qualified: They hold significant credentials in their field.
  • Supportive: They provide personalized attention and support.

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Online Classes: Access courses anytime, anywhere.
  • In-Person Workshops: Benefit from hands-on learning experiences.
  • Hybrid Formats: Combines the convenience of online learning with the advantages of in-person instruction.

Networking Opportunities:

  • You’ll connect with fellow students and professionals.
  • Alumni events foster long-term professional relationships.
  • Partnerships with local real estate firms enhance job placement.

State Exam Pass Rate:

  • High pass rates signify the effectiveness of the school’s teaching methods.
  • Test preparation resources are readily available to you.

Corofy’s dedication to your success is reflected in the support and resources they provide during and after your coursework. The focus on real-world application ensures that you not only gain knowledge but also understand how to apply it in your real estate career.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide clear and direct answers to some common queries about the New York Real Estate education options offered by Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate.

How do the costs compare between Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate for New York courses?

The cost of Real Estate U’s New York course is typically more budget-friendly compared to Colibri Real Estate, which offers extensive materials and resources that may contribute to their higher pricing structure.

What are the reviews saying about Colibri Real Estate’s online course offerings?

Reviews indicate that Colibri Real Estate’s online courses are comprehensive and user-friendly, with many students appreciating their interactive content and responsive customer service.

Can you find a quality 77-hour real estate course in New York for free?

Quality 77-hour real estate courses in New York are not typically available for free, as reputable programs involve extensive content and state-specific information that require a fee.

Which institution is preferred for real estate licensing exams in NYC, Real Estate U or Colibri?

Both institutions have strong reputations, but preference for Real Estate U or Colibri for real estate licensing exams in NYC tends to vary based on individual learning style, price sensitivity, and course delivery preferences.

Is RealEstateU an accredited institution for offering real estate education in New York?

RealEstateU is indeed an accredited institution and is known for offering approved real estate education that meets the requirements for pre-licensing in New York.

What resources are recommended for preparing for the New York State real estate exam?

For preparing for the New York State real estate exam, students often turn to official study guides, practice exams, flashcards, and course revisions from accredited providers like Real Estate U and Colibri Real Estate.

Who is Corofy?

Before being a school, Corofy is a community. Our founder, Eddy Boccara, started his real estate career as a real estate salesperson looking for a side hustle.

Since then, he’s had a passion for New York real estate and specifically the talented individuals that take the leap to get their real estate license and help this industry progress.

Eddy created Corofy with one goal in mind: to provide people with quality real estate education that actually helps them build a career they can be proud of.

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