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Top Intelligence Startups

By Eddy Boccara and Dakota O’Brien

This month, Futurology. Life released an article ranking Corofy as one of the 21 most innovative New York-based intelligent systems companies. Each company featured was chosen based on its exceptional performance in growth, innovation, management, or societal impact.

As one of the companies honored to be chosen, it is safe to say that Corofy is writing the real estate brokerage playbook and establishing itself as a highly innovative and intelligent startup.

Futurology regularly publishes articles discussing startups that are making their way in the intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics spheres.


About Corofy

As a Broker Intelligence Platform For Real Estate, the Corofy Dashboard enables brokerages to use real-time data to gain operational insights, track their performance, predict future outcomes, and discover new patterns.

Our Market, Team, and Agent Intelligence Platforms offer professionals practical tools for staying up-to-date with the market, uncovering their company’s growth and retention, and finding agents based on their unique search criteria.

Partner With Corofy

Corofy’s Broker Intelligence Platform is transforming how brokers run their firm, leveraging comprehensive data to power critical operations and decision-making.

Request a personalized tour of the Corofy Broker Intelligence Platform and one of our real estate data experts will give you a first-hand look at your firm’s data and how to use it to grow your revenue.


We don’t just demo. We offer insights. 

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