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Corcoran Leads Hiring of New Agents in NYC

By Eddy Boccara, Dakota O'Brien and Jonathan Agostino

New York City saw a massive exodus of agents during COVID-19, which greatly impacted the number of new agents entering the industry each month. However, we are finally welcoming an influx of agents to the industry, reaching numbers that compare with pre-pandemic levels of activity

Us data lovers at Corofy decided to leverage our intelligence, take an in depth look at this activity, and interview the main protagonists.

We analyzed YTD (Year-to-date):

1. The Number of New Licensees
2. Their Preferred Borough 
3.Their Top 10 Destinations

Special Note: A new agent is defined as a licensed real estate salesperson who has associated their license with a New York City based firm for the first time ever. The majority of these agents are brand new to the real estate industry, having never worked in a real estate related capacity prior to this year.

Disclaimer: This report considers both residential and commercial firms throughout New York City’s 5 Boroughs.

2,641 New Faces

With 854 agents entering the industry in April, nearly one-third of the total for the first four months of the year, April saw a record number of new agents entering the industry in a single month since the pandemic began. 

These numbers rival those of 2019, where an average of 886 agents entered the industry monthly. 

Image_1-01-2048x1282 (2) (1)

Manhattan Remains #1

Manhattan accounts for the highest activity of new agents entering the industry in 2021, with roughly 50% of all new agents opting to join a Manhattan-based firm.

This is followed by Queens based firms who combine for a new agent market share of 21.99%, and Brooklyn based firms at 18.60%. Only 10% of new agents opted to join Bronx or Staten Island based firms.

2 (1)

10 HOT Destinations

Nearly 1 in 5 new real estate agents who entered the New York City real estate industry between January and April of 2021 joined just ten firms. Five of these firms – Corcoran, Compass, Douglas Elliman, E Realty International, and Keller Williams NYC accounted for 12.31% of all activity.

3 (1)

The Recipe For Helping New Agents Succeed

With a significant percentage of the new agent market share being concentrated in just 10 of New York’s thousands of firms, it begs the question- what are these brokerages offering that is so attractive to new agents?

Our CEO, Eddy Boccara, sat down with Amanda Caggiano at Corcoran Group to discuss their immense growth and how they help the new agents that join their firm succeed.

Corcoran Group ranked #1 on COROFY’s list, making it the most popular destination for newly licensed agents in 2021, with 3.14% of all agents entering the industry so far this year joining Corcoran. This figure represents a sharp increase in Corcoran’s new agent market share, which has doubled since 2019.

When reflecting on what they offer agents to not only attract them to their firm, but also to help them succeed, they break it down into 3 aspects – training, innovative resources, and a culture that shows agents you’re invested in their success.

Training Designed For Winners

Most leading brokerages in New York City will attribute the success of their agents to the quality of their training offerings – a huge determinant of whether an agent will last longer than 12 months in the industry.

“Our training and education initiatives are unparalleled. ‘Agent Studio’ is our dedicated space for learning and development. We provide a full suite of virtual and in-person sessions that cover new technology, provide tips on how to effectively use social media, review current market conditions, share strategies to help win new listings – and more.”
Amanda (1)

Amanda Caggiano – Director of Agent Experience at Corcoran

4 (1)

Power To Diversify Your Business

In a market as competitive as New York City, the attractiveness of a brokerage is all about how unique and extensive their training systems are. However, while training may reign supreme in importance, other offerings, like in-house marketing and agent experience teams, play a huge role in an agent’s success, as well.

“Corcoran has been so successful at attracting new talent because of our comprehensive and innovative infrastructure. Our company’s sole focus is providing agents with the right resources they need to build and diversify their business. With direct access to our in-house Marketing, PR, Technology, Listings, and Agent Experience Teams, Corcoran agents truly have an army by their side.”
Amanda (1)
Amanda Caggiano – Director of Agent Experience at Corcoran
5 (1)

A Culture That Breeds Success

Quality leads and training do a great job of giving agents the practical resources they need to succeed, but when it comes to what makes an agent stay with a firm, it’s all about a positive, agent-centered company culture.

Part of what makes the culture at Corcoran Group so attractive is their commitment to investing in their agents, helping them build a long-lasting, prosperous real estate career through unparalleled support.

“Real estate is a competitive business, but at Corcoran our agents know they never have to go at it alone.”
Amanda (1)
Amanda Caggiano – Director of Agent Experience at Corcoran

Amanda adds that for an agent to succeed in the industry, it’s important to be part of a brokerage that is not only invested in their success, but also is aligned with their goals and needs as an agent.

“It’s important to align yourself with a brokerage that fits your needs for what you establish as success. You need perseverance, a willingness to go through the good times but also the bad times. You have to really care about people and have a passion for helping them achieve their dreams.”
Amanda (1)
Amanda Caggiano – Director of Agent Experience at Corcoran

Our Feeling

Hundreds of new agents enter the New York City real estate industry monthly, making newly licensed agents a hot commodity amongst the city’s leading brokerages.

Competition for talent is fierce and the real estate brokerages that succeed are the ones that promote an agent-centric culture with support and opportunity.

“It’s more competitive than it’s ever been. But that’s also because there is more money to be made right now.”
Eddy_Boccara-680x1024-1-e1621342074600 (1)
Eddy Boccara – CEO, Corofy

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