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Corofy x Keller Williams NYC

Eddy Boccara sits down with Fanny Montalvo & Lauren Balbuena of Keller Williams NYC to discuss their journey in New York City real estate, the state of the market, how they “create a culture of winning”, and what they think needs to be done to promote women in real estate to leadership positions.

Corofy x Platinum Properties

Eddy Boccara and Dezireh Eyn from Platinum Properties sit down to discuss her journey to starting Platinum Properties, helping agents with personal and professional development, and creating visibility for women aspiring to be leaders in the real estate industry.

Corofy x EXR

Eddy Boccara and Erin Honto, Head of Talent at EXR discuss being a “people-first” brokerage, helping agents reach their unique goals, and the importance of creating women-centered communities in the real estate industry.

Corofy x Real New York

Eddy Boccara sits down with Jill Vaccaro, Head of People at REAL New York to discuss Jill’s journey to becoming Head of People at REAL New York, having “conversations with agents instead of interviews”, and creating role models for women aspiring to be leaders in real estate.

Featured playlists

Corofy x R New York

Hillary Barr, Head of Industry Relations at R New York joins Eddy Boccara to discuss helping agents be “happy, healthy, and successful”, the post-COVID market heating up, and “creating a village” of women in the real estate industry.

Corofy x Elegran

Eddy Boccara sits down with Yelena Furman, People Operations Manager at Elegran to discuss giving agents the resources they need to grow their business, the traits of a successful agent, and maintaining a collaborative company culture.

Corofy x The Brooklyn Group

Laura Barber, COO of Brooklyn Group sits down with Eddy Boccara to discuss her journey into entering the New York City real estate industry, helping agents “weather the ups and downs” of the market, and making women who are in leadership roles more visible.

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