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How To Earn Money As A Corofy Affiliate

If you’re a New York real estate agent, you probably are accustomed to hustling and finding new ways to earn money. But have you considered becoming an affiliate for a New York real estate course provider?

Affiliates across every industry are making a killing simply by promoting products and brands to their friends, family, and social media followers. There has never been a better time to begin a side hustle as an affiliate marketer, especially in the New York real estate school space.

Read on to learn how how much you can earn as an affiliate marketer, how to become a Corofy affiliate marketer, and how to make a killing as an affiliate marketer while barely lifting a finger.

What Does An Affiliate Marketer Do?

An affiliate’s goal is to get the brand you are promoting as many sales as possible, using your custom discount code or link. Corofy affiliate marketers simply need to share their unique affiliate link with people they know or their social media followers and will automatically get paid a commission on every purchase made through that link.

Similar to real estate, the more sales you make, the more money you make. The best part is this commission isn’t split between you and your brokerage and doesn’t require you to show a property or close a deal.

As a Corofy affiliate, you would promote our New York Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course, helping people get their New York real estate license. If you love your job as a real estate agent, this is the perfect opportunity to help others get started in the industry.

How much money can I earn as an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing has become extremely popular due to how easy it is, but the unlimited earning potential tends to be what draws people to begin a side hustle as an affiliate.

As long as you keep getting sales, you keep getting paid. Depending on how many people your link is shared with, you can make up to six figures monthly.

Your Corofy affiliate link will give your customers 20% off the total price of the New York Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course. For each sale you make, you’ll earn $10.

How To Make a Killing as an Affiliate With Corofy

Start With Friends and Family

The best way to get your affiliate business started is simply by reaching out to your friends and family. This is an amazing way to gain momentum and set yourself up to make a killing as an affiliate partner. 

You’ve surely discussed the things you love about your career as a real estate agent with your friends and family, so this will give them the opportunity to join you as a New York real estate agent for a discount. Just like you reached out to your sphere of influence when starting out as an agent, reach out to everyone you can think of and watch your affiliate sales flourish. 

When messaging friends and family, explain your new side hustle as an affiliate marketer, and tell them how much you love working in real estate and why you think they should get a New York real estate license. Explain to them that by using your discount code, they can get they can get their real estate license with a leading NY course provider at a great discount and support your new business venture at the same time. It’s a win win!

Share On Social Media

In addition to sharing your affiliate link with friends and family, it’s important to post and promote your link as often as possible to maximize the sales you get.

A great way to get people to use your affiliate link (without coming across as pushy) is by adding your affiliate link to your social media bios, email signature, and by posting about it on your social media pages, like Instagram or Facebook.

Posting stories explaining why you think people should get their New York real estate license with your link is a quick and easy way to dramatically increase your sales, especially if you’re already active on social media for work.

If people DM you about your content or have questions about how you got into real estate, mention your discount affiliate link in your reply to them. If people are already curious about your career in real estate, they will be happy to hear you can help them get started for a more affordable price, making them significantly more likely to use your link!

Start Earning Money As An Affiliate

Now that you understand the basics of affiliate marketing, and more importantly, how you can make a killing as an affiliate marketer, it’s time to get started. When earning a second stream of income is as easy as sharing a link that helps people get their New York real estate license for an affordable price, it’s a no brainer.

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Begin Your Real Estate Journey!

Join 2,035 students getting their New York real estate license.