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Who sold the most in the first quarter of 2023?

Who sold the most in the first quarter of 2023?


Welcome to our exclusive ranking of the top agents in the New York real estate market for the first quarter of 2023, based on a specific type of transaction. In this report, we highlight the exceptional agents who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields during this period. By evaluating the number and quality of transactions, we aim to identify the individuals who have demonstrated expertise and excellence in navigating the dynamic real estate landscape of New York City. Join us as we celebrate the outstanding agents who have made significant contributions to the industry and set new benchmarks in the first quarter of 2023.

Top 10 NYC By Transaction Type

Navigating the diverse real estate market of New York City can be a complex endeavor. Luckily, there are experts who excel in this field, setting benchmarks through their consistent high performance. We’ve ranked the top 10 real estate agents in NYC based on the volume of their transaction types, creating a list that recognizes their dedication and expertise.

At Corofy, our commitment to data-driven insights is fundamental. One of our recent endeavors is this current list, derived from a thorough analysis of transaction data from StreetEasy. By calculating the total volume of deals for each entity and then ranking them, we’ve been able to identify the top performers in New York City based on their transaction types. This information is invaluable as it offers a snapshot of the market leaders, enabling you to better understand your competition and shape your strategies. Our ability to extract such insights is a testament to our rigorous data analysis processes and dedication to delivering accurate, impactful metrics.

Stay tuned as we regularly update this list to reflect the ever-changing dynamics of the New York City real estate market.

Is the average growth percentage of the 10 fastest growing firms by percentage of agent count in February.


In conclusion, we currently perform a weekly evaluation of agent transactions to evaluate the performance and advancement of real estate agents in New York City.

Remember, every week brings new data, new insights, and new opportunities for growth and success with Corofy.

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