You don’t have to be a pro at being on camera to ace your VideoAsk. Follow these easy steps to create a video that’s engaging, interactive, and showcases your best self.

  1. Pick the Right Space
  • Avoid dark, dingy corners and harsh backlighting in favor of a bright, naturally lit space.
  • Make sure the space is quiet, lacking distracting background noise

  1. Find Your Best Angle
  • Find your best angle and center yourself in the shot
  • Ensure the camera is stable (don’t hold it and move around)
  • If using your phone, the back camera is usually higher quality, so set your phone up or ask a friend or family member for help.

  1. Get To the Point
  • You want brokerages to get to know you right away
  • Start talking immediately after the countdown
  • Use speaker notes to prompt you if you’re worried about forgetting what to say

  1. Be Yourself
  • Find a balance between being professional and casually you
  • Sit up straight, smile, and speak clearly
  • It’s okay to use speaker notes, but don’t ju
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