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Get New York State Real Estate License Online

  • 100% New York Department of State Approved
  • Get your license at your own pace, on any device
  • Easy, interactive, online course structure
  • Quizzes and exercises to prepare for your State Exam
  • Course created by New York real estate experts
Get Your New York State Real Estate License

How To Get Your New York Real Estate License

Step 1: Complete your New York 75-hour online pre-licensing course

Step 2: Pass Corofy’s proctored Final Exam

Step 3: Pass New York’s proctored State Exam

Step 4: Apply for your New York real estate license with a leading brokerage

Get Your New York State Real Estate License

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Why Choose Corofy?

Find out why thousands of New Yorkers are getting their New York State real estate license with Corofy.

Interactive Content and Platform

Corofy’s course is interactive, fun, and most importantly, proven to prepare students to pass their State Exam and enter the New York real estate industry.

Complete At Your Own Pace

Working or going to school as you get your license? No problem! Our real estate pre-licensing course can be completed on any device, at any time.

Comprehensive State Exam Prep

We don’t just provide the education necessary to get your New York State real estate license – we make sure you are prepared to pass the State Exam with ease.

24/7 Support From Our Team

We’re here to support you on your journey to become a New York State real estate salesperson. Email us at any time and we’ll answer your questions.

Course That Works For You

Built by real estate experts and improved from feedback from real estate students, our course is designed to meet the needs of ambitious people like you.

Fully-Accredited Course

Corofy’s course is 100% approved by New York State and Arello and loved by successful real estate professionals all over New York.

Start Your Real Estate License Course

Should you get a New York State Real Estate License?

Becoming a New York State real estate salesperson offers endless benefits and opportunities for career growth. If you are considering make a career change, here are a few reasons you should take the leap:


Become A New York Real Estate Salesperson

Easy and Interactive Online Course

The New York real estate industry is constantly evolving so we make sure our course is, too. Our course is up-to-date, easy to follow, and complete with interactive activities and quizzes to retain the material.

Get Your New York State Real Estate License

“The class is set up so well, the teacher is so knowledgeable. He’s been working in the business for so long. It’s just so simple.”

Angel Hernandez
Winter 2021 Cohort

Angel HernandezWinter 2021 Cohort

Most Affordable New York Real Estate Licensing Course On The Market


What’s Included


  • New York State 75-Hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course
  • 24/7 Instructor and Tech Support
  • New York State Exam Prep Material
Start Your Real Estate License Course


What is Corofy’s refund policy?2022-04-14T23:37:30+00:00

If you choose to not complete the course for any reason within 30 days of purchasing the course, Corofy will issue a full refund for your course, as long as you have not completed more than 25% of the course.

How long do I have to complete the course?2022-04-14T23:37:57+00:00

As per New York State law, you must complete the course within 12 months of purchase.

What are the requirements to get a New York State real estate license?2022-04-14T23:38:21+00:00

To get a New York State real estate license, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid New York  State ID
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted alien 
  • Have no prior felony or sex offense convictions
When should I book my State Exam?2022-04-14T23:38:40+00:00

When you have completed 75% of your course, we will reach out to help you book your State Exam.

What is the course structure?2022-04-14T23:38:59+00:00
  • Orientation
  • Chapter 1 – License Law and Regulations 
  • Chapter 2 – Law of Agency 
  • Chapter 3.A – Legal Issues: Part 1 
  • Chapter 3.B – Legal Issues: Part 2
  • Chapter 4 – The Contract of Sales and Leases 
  • Chapter 5 – Real Estate Finance 
  • Chapter 6 – Mortgage Brokerages
  • Chapter 7 – Real Estate Mathematics
  • Chapter 8 – Land Use Regulations
  • Chapter 9 – Municipal Agencies 
  • Chapter 10 – Construction and Environmental Issues
  • Chapter 11 – Valuation Process and Pricing Properties
  • Chapter 12 – Human Rights and Fair Housing
  • Chapter 13 – Property Insurance 
  • Chapter 14 – Taxes and Assessments 
  • Chapter 15 – Condominiums and Cooperative 
  • Chapter 16 – Commercial and Investment Real Estate
  • Chapter 17 – Income Tax in Real Estate Transactions 
  • Chapter 18 – Property Management 
  • Chapter 19 – Licensee Safety 
  • Final Exam


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